Car dies when I accelerate from stop. pls help.

Shanta Bodhan

Sep 5, 2013
Aptos CA
Hi! I have a 1966 sprint 200. I bought it off a mechanic who rebuilt the engine and transmission. The car ran perfectly when I got it 8 years ago and I drive it about 1x a month. She turns on easily when cold. I have a couple issues now that my boyfriend thinks are all related. Here are the issues:
1. From a standstill, she hesitates to get going. If I feather the gas she'll sputter a little and then get going. If I floor her she will die. She idles and revs well in park.
2. She has issues with hot starts, especially after multiple stops in a single trip (if I turn her off and on several times she won't start. I have to let the engine cool down before she will start again.)

I could really use help or links to threads about diagnosing this (I searched the forum and couldn't find anything). We made a couple recordings so you can hear what she sounds like.

Car dying with acceleration issue video
Carburetor video - 0 - 40 seconds car is in park, 40 - 54 seconds car is in drive.

Thanks very much for your help.
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