car does not fill up since supercharger

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by DrSmith, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. I have had this car since december of 05. I thought I escaped the issues with inverting the gas nozzle.
    I put a kenne bell super charger on the car this summer and ever since then the nozzle shuts down at half tank. I just had to invert the nozzle to get a full tank.
    What in blazes is this all about?
  2. Do a smoke test and see if you have any leaks in the evap system
  3. Did you figure anything out about this. I have a stock 05 gt and it does the same thing it gets so annoying sometimes. But half the time it will do it others it will not?
  4. To me it sounds like a restricted vent ,not letting the air excape as the gas goes in.
  5. For stock vehicles, there is a TSB on this issue.

    For non-stock, not sure.
  6. I'm curious, what difference would stock or not have on gas tank fill problems?

    Do you know what the TSB is?
  7. Current TSB is 07-21-12, superceding 06-3-13, according to my records. My 07 GT supposedly has a 'revised' tank design, but the car still likes to be filled with an upside down nozzle. I'm sure Ford has tests to determine fill characteristics, but some sure dropped the ball on this one! It's a bit cumbersome to keep visiting stations to find a fill rate that works :nonono: