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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SilverBullit, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. I went to Autozone again and got my codes pulled to see what it would come up with. This is what I got

    code 67- Neutral drive switch or circuit
    code 84- EGR control circuit

    are these right, and if so what do i need to fix or replace to clear them.

  2. Well figured out code 67 was b/c i didn't have my car in neutral when i did the test. You guys haven't given up on me yet, have you?

  3. I had the same problem when i replaced my intake. My dist. was off one tooth. It sounds funny, and the dist. looks like it was in the right place, but i moved it one tooth and it runs like a champ. It is the easist thing to try, before you start replacing stuff.
  4. Ok, I finally got the problem figured out and fixed. You guys are gonna ***** when I tell you what it was, and I feel like a complete ass for wasting everyones time. I posted a thread on here about if I needed different spark plugs for my head (if they needed to be longer) and no one would reply, so I took it as I didn't need them. Well I say a thread the other day about it, and asked my the question, and someone posted and said I did need longer plugs Autolite 3924's. So I finally got around to it and changed them. I cured all my problems so far(I haven't got to drive it that much, but so far it hasn't cut out) it's running like a champ. I have noticed that I have a bit on a hanging idle now. I think I might the idle air adjuster (I have one). So again I'm sorry for all the posts, and I thank everyone who has given input.

    Thanks ALOT
  5. Check it out man,
    Your solution is right around the corner so stick with it. It is possible that the speed density is restricting a bit but not a whole bunch. That is something you want to change eventually anyway for sure!!! check the small things first, timing, fuel pressure (around 40psi), fuel filter, plug gap and so on. If ou want to convert your SD to MAF setup e-mail me at: ( [email protected] )and I can hook you up. good luck bro!
  6. Well I got a little bit to happy the other day about getting my car runnin fairly good. It ran well for about a week then it started going back to how it was. I contacted somersdp and he got me hooked up with a MAF conversion. He is a super nice guy and great to do business with. Well I got the conversion done today and so far everything works perfectly. Idle is rock solid (it was jumping a bit before) runs good. It feels faster and runs smoother than it has the whole time I've had my new engine. I still have the stock MAF meter though, if I get a new one what brand and size should I get? Will notice any differences?

  7. usually you feel more up top with a bigger MAF, like a 77mm or 75 mm