Digital Tuning Car Is Falling On Its Face Off The Line

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Nick Santo, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. I have a 2012 mustang gt (auto) the only thing done to it is mufflers I just had a tune put in a month ago and everytime I launch it, it bogs really bad 2.20 60ft normally stock tune 1.93 60ft I have taken it back to the guy and cant really tell me why except maybe the 3.15 gears but why would it do that with a tune and not stock
  2. Who'd you get it done by?
  3. crt performance
  4. Is this a tune by email or did they dyno tune your car?
  5. it wasn't emailed or dyno I ordered the tuner from his shop which is a mile from where I race every weekend he's made a few changes with it but same result out of over 30 runs I have made only 4 have been runs where it didn't bog
  6. Probably not a very good tune then. Also if all you have are some axle backs then there's no need for a tune.
  7. I know I wanted a tune to pick up a little ET
  8. Kinda sounds like traction control cutting in too. You turn it off?
  9. If by chance it is Traction control or torque control kicking in, as one poster added, try this. To disengage completely the traction and Torque control. At a Full Stop, hold the brake down and the traction control button at the same time for just over five seconds. The light will appear on the dash for traction control off. Now they both are truly off. Each time you restart your car, if you want both fully off, you will need to do the same brake and 5 second plus hold on the traction control button each time.
  10. im getting the bama tuner and axle back muffles outlaw flowmasters before december.. 3.15 gears before 02/1014 i hope.
  11. must be a bad tune.. agree with bojingles