Car is finally done.

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Spreadman, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. 13# of boost. 505rwhp, 452rwtq. Purrin' like a kitten.

    I'm flying out on Saturday to pick her up.

  2. Wow.. congrats.. post videos when you get it back :)
  3. Do you still have your Magnapack/X pipe setup on the car?
  4. Took off the Magnaflow catted X and added BBK Longtubes and Dr Gas offroad X.
  5. Awesome! I cant wait to learn more about this car! I was listening to your exhaust videos and I would really like something like your Magnaflow setup!
  6. Scotty, if you let us know exactly what you have done to the engine, I'll move this thread to tech. :nice:
  7. :drool:
    Sounds great, Scott! I can't wait, as I'm sure others cannot either, to see MANY videos and pics! :nice:

    Hope you have a safe and reliable trip back. :)
  8. Enjoy her bud! You have waited a LONG time for this! Don't get on her too fast! We don't wanna see pics of her in a ditch! ;)

    Good luck getting her back!
  9. That's ok. I'm going to post trip picts and etc here. I'll post the specifics after I pick her up with vids and picts.
  10. Wow! Gotta post pics mang....
  11. I'm just glad he was OK. :(

    It sucks to have to start over though.:nonono:
  12. yea man, i need to hear all your other mods and what else you have done to the built engine....cant wait. im going with the same novi blower with a plan 14 psi but i will just have forged internals and lowered compression pluss the mods i have now. i hope to make the same numbers as you but you tq seems good so i assume you have somthing else done to the engine huh?

    bored or stroked or somthing.....:shrug:
  13. yeah crazy carnage.

    time for a terminator.
  14. ummm...what? :shrug:
  15. He's referring to the fact that I totalled my car on Sunday and I should move up to a Cobra. I started another thread about it.

    But I don't know what I'm going to do.
  16. welcome to the world of no traction... congrats :D