Car is under the knife.

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  1. I just got a loan so my car can go in the bodyshop too.
    Your body looks cleaner than mine. Ive got rust holes and a bunch of small dents.
  2. car had no dents or dings. I bought it from an older woman who was the original owner and never got in any accidents. It did have some surface rust on the rear quarters and some rot in the bottom of the doors, but I got used doors with no rust at all. I also have a goodmark 2 inch cowl hood on the way for it.
  3. Nice.
    Ive got rust along the bottoms of the doors and hatch but nothing serious and its fixable. The lower 1/4's have holes and the fenders are junk.

    Im going to be getting a Cobra R hood for it.
  4. Nice keep the progress pics coming if you can
  5. I will be stopping up there on next wed for more progress pics.. Also, I want to see the new hood. Should be in today or tomorrow.
  6. looks about how mine looked yesterday, hopefully ill get mine back next week (its been a long time already, problems with parts suppliers on my end).