Car Jerks after clutch install

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94blackgt 1621, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. I replaced my clutch and resurfaced my flywheel and after I got it all back together it jerks when I begin moving from a stop in reverse and 1st gear (does it worse in reverse then 1st). Is this because i didn't tighten my tranny bolts down enough? Or will this go away after I put more miles on my clutch? (i only have 70 on it). btw I torqued down my flywheel and driveshaft bolts to the requirements and used locktite. I couldnt find any torque #'s for the tranny bolts if there are any....
    please reply

  2. Sometimes some "shuttering" and harsh engagement can occur after a clutch swap. If you think you installed everything right then just give it a few more miles. Usually 200 is considered broken in. Did you torque the pressure plates bolts to around 24ft-lbs?
  3. Who resurfaced the flywheel? Was the flywheel pretty torn up (Hot spots and the such)? If you resurfaced the flywheel yourself, and it was in bad shape, I'd be willing to bet it was your flywheel. When people machine their own flywheels with grinders, they don't stay true anymore. My car did it, we replaced the flywheel and it's now like butter.

  4. I had a transmission shop do it and they made it look perfect to me... I didnt tighten down the pressure plate bolts to 24ft-lbs cause i didnt know what they were suppose to be tightened to but I did tighten them down pretty dang hard. any other ideas?
    thanks for the replies

  5. Give it time to break in (about 400 miles), and if it still shutters and shakes when you take off, my money is on the flywheel.

  6. All of the torque specs are listed in your haynes manual. There are torque ratings for the bellhousing and transmission bolts. Get under the car and see if any of the bellhousing/trans bolts are loose.

    How does the clutch pedal engage. Meaning, you should be able to press the clutch pedal about 1 inch before you feel pressure. Also, when the clutch pedal is on the floor, how far do you have to lift the pedal for it to engage?

  7. I've noticed whenever I start my car up the drivetrain makes a funny noise. Could that still be the flywheel even though the clutch isn't even engaged? (I would be under the car right now trying to figure out whats wrong with it but i dont have time till saturday.)