car lower on 1 side?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by smellmygas, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. as soon as i installed my springs/struts which lowered 1.25" i noticed that the car sits about a half inch lower on the rear drivers side. everything else looks good. im getting a real bad vibe that the frame could be not straight :notnice: but what else could it be? i have stock control arms right now that look pretty beat up, could that cause any problem? i already have new 1's waiting to install its just too freakin cold here in PA, and i got quoted for $200+ for the install.

    also the bushings on my torx struts(i think they are called that, in the wheel well) look extremely old and shot, just figured id throw that in for that i dont know what my problem is!

    thanks guys, looking foward to your responses
  2. Check the location of the pigtails on the springs, make sure the are sitting in the correct position. How did the car sit before? Are the springs new or used? If the ends of the pigtails are not at sitting toward the rear of the car this could happen.

    Godd luck..Jim
  3. My car has always sat about 1/2 an inch lower on the drivers side rear. I replaced the entire rear suspension with MM parts and it still sat like that. What I had to do was raise the perch on my adj. lower control arm a 1/2" to make the rear sit level. If my frame is bent, it has been bent since it left the assembly line. I know nothing has happened to bend it since then.

    It probably sat uneven before and you didn't notice it until you lowered the car. It's easier to see a difference when the wheel wells are closer to the tires. I found an entire website dedicated to this problem, so it's common and often over looked.