Car Needed For Mock-up. Free Stuff For You!

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  1. I've just moved my car audio shop from TN to Olympia, WA. I plan on fabricating custom amp racks, sub enclosures, and sound deadening kits for Mustangs. I am looking for a Mustang owner that would be willing to have his or her car used as a mock-up for these parts. In exchange for this the owner would receive a free amp rack, sub enclosure, and sound deadening kit. The mock-up would take about 1 week. I have over 20 years of experience and have won many installation awards. Please pm me for more details. Thanks! Some of my work can be seen at the following links:
  2. If i was closer you could use my mustang. I've been waiting for someone to make a ported sub box that will hold a MTX 9500 in the trunk. :)
  3. Thanks. Funny thing is that I grew up in Providence! I'm a Federal Hill native. Graduated from Central in '86 and then left to go into the Army and haven't lived there since. Small world!
  4. Well, I've found a few of the body styles I need. I have a '66 coupe, a Fox hatchback, Fox convertable, and a S197 coming into the shop soon. Still need a SN95 and a convertable S197 if any of you guys are close to me.