Car noob=no, Stang noob=yes

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  1. Dove in to the mustang world headfirst :)

    Classically a GM man, I've owned 2 seriously built Cavaliers (GMPP supercharger on both, full suspension on the first, full exhaust on the other) 1 v6 Camaro that I left alone, and I currently still own a Fiero and a Trailblazer, I decided that I was tired of FWD for a daily driver even if it was fast (shoulda kept the 'maro I suppose...nah).

    So, I says to myself, "Self, what do you really want in a DD?"

    So I replied to myself "Well, self, I really want a V8 rumble, RWD and 3 pedals on the floor, because autotragic transmissions are well...tragic. Oh, and it has to be a car, because trucks just aren't my thing for a DD"

    "Alright, that kinda narrows the field to like...not very many in your budget"

    Long story short, after seeing that 'maros, GTOs, 'Vettes, TA's and the like are just right out (F-bodies in my range had too many miles), I started looking at Mustangs.

    Which leads me to this:

    Pictures -- Photobucket

    2002 Mustang GT. With 38xxx miles.

    Stock. All the way to the original tires. (Yeah, tires are getting swapped out before the end of the summer, but they do have some tread left to BURN).

    So, hello Mustang world!
  2. Welcome. You'll like it here.
    Nice find on the low mileage GT.
  3. Already do like it here -- there's no telling how much I've read from here before I bought it.

    I already plan on doing the IAC gasket thingy -- it takes FOREVER for the engine to spin back down between gears. I'm used to being able to shift faster than most automatics, but the revs won't match quick enough in this one.

    From there, I'll probably just enjoy it for what it is for a couple of years before I tweak it -- but I'm already dreaming of LT's, X-pipe and more "open" exhaust work.

    That, and I don't want to start modding the suspension before I drive it enough to figure out what I think it needs (I don't mod for looks. I mod for performance primarily). Right now it doesn't feel like it needs much of anything.

    From there -- who knows :)
  4. Looks like a very clean ride you have there