Car seems like its hitting a rev limiter

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  1. Ok 92 fox; swaped out the 4 cyl for the eight and also automatic to a stick. Car starts and idles fine and drives fine until you floor it, it seems like the car is going to go but then all of a sudden it seems like it hits a rev limiter. It does it in first gear and second. But sometimes you can roll into the throttle in first and it doesn't have a problem but it still will do it in second. List of stuff on the car and what I have done so far, rebuilt 302,gt40p heads explore upper and lower intake; 24 lbs injectors, mass air meter calibrated for the 24lbs injectors,cai, shorties headers, brand new wires and plugs (auto lites) and changed the fuel filter. But still have the 7.5 rear end under the car , any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Ps yes I have the 92 computer and harness
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    The TFI module mounted on the distributor is usually the culprit for a high speed miss on a warm engine. If the problem does not occur when the engine is cold, the TFI module is definitely suspect. You may need a special socket to remove the TFI module, but most auto parts stores will have one for $5-$7.

    Be sure to use plenty of the heat sink grease on the new TFI and clean the old grease off the distributor.

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  3. Sorry for bringing up a 3 year old thread from the dead... But please tell me if you found the problem!! This is the only thing i can find on the internet that has the same symptoms as me. hopefully you still use this account lol. Thanks