Car show tips?

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  1. Ok i am going to have my car in a car show this weekend any tips..What good stuff to dress the motor thats one thing i want to know..
  2. Use either a spray on engine degeaser from a carwash(using low pressure only) or one from a spray can and use low pressure from a garden hose. Other than that,just a good cleaning inside and a use something like Armour All in the wheelwells.
  3. anything else..
  4. Hey man. I'm entering my first show this coming weekend. I used Engine Brite degreaser and an engine detailer called CD2. They both work great. The CD2 makes the plastic and rubber look real nice. As far as the interior I used Armor All. I washed the outside of my Stang good, did the Meguiar's clay bar kit, and i'm finishing up doing the Meguiar's 3 step kit w/paint cleaner, polish, and wax. The car is turning out great so far.
  5. Oh! Also UPR is a good place to get some billet dress up items for under the hood. UPR has some engine kit packages starting at $135 for our year Stangs
  6. So many thoughts, so little time... Judged=clean everything including under the car and the wheel wells, and have a fire extinguisher somewhere in the car visible to the judges. Hood and truck must be open. Points are for cleanliness, and in stock classes, points will be deducted for non-stock pieces. Participant voting=make the top side look nice, the more bling the better chance you have.

    Make sure you are in the proper class for your car. My "to bring" list for a judged show: quick detailer, towels, tire dressing, plastic protectant, glass cleaner, trim detailer, canned air (to blow dirt out of creviaces), lint roller (to "vacuum" the seats/floors). And don't forget sunscreen & a chair, plus something to drink-shows get real long if you're sitting on the ground in the hot sun baking!!
  7. Yeah its a small town and its just the people judge the car so I hope i can bring home my frist win..I have some stuff thats going to be here right b4 the show new head lights small stuff like that..
  8. if its peoples choice, get to know people, I have been showing for about 10 years and got 3rds the first year2nds the second year, and have been getting 1st in every show for the past 8 years, mainly from knowing people
  9. Are its the people that are showing juge one of the two..I am just out for a good time but if i win thats a bonus..
  10. It is judged or partcipant voting?
  11. Partcipant voting..B/W we have th same color of cars..I have new headlights coming and some other small stuff..Should be here friday..
  12. When its participant voting, you either have to have a lot of friends voting for you or a something real fantastic to win usually. Judged shows, when done correctly, are based on cleanliness and quality of the vehicle. But really, go for fun and a good time. Check out what everyone else is doing and learn from them. I have been showing since 1988 and its the details that will get you that trophy. For example, door jams, tire wells, tire treads, undercarriage. Good Luck and have FUN:flag:
  13. Armor all anything black. I do the wheel wells and the tire treads. Wiper arms, cowl and mirrors. Don't forget the gas tank under the rear.

    Use the stuff called Back To Black. Works better the armorall
  14. Ya, I noticed-I LOVE this color!! Good choice :nice: What headlights? I just got smoked clears-the look great with E-Green!!

    Ok, then-participant voting. Clean her up good, get your mods installed. I also bought a big poster frame (basically a carboard backing with a plastic piece on the front and clear plastic frame), painted the backing black and put the story about how I came to own the car, E-Green stats (since it's a rare color), a copy of the build sheet, and a copy of the MM&FF page I made it in (girls & thier stangs) on it...and some misc pics of places we've gone.

    Most important though, have fun and check out the other cars!! Awards are just a bonus.
  15. Bad new my car is at my work with rear end apart..My axle was letting the rotor rub the backing plate we just did a brake job and find this problem so i guess stuff happens..Good thing i have a worranty..Smoked with clear turns..
  16. Bummer. Well, I can tell you that you should love the headlights! Get clear signals if you can though, 'cause you can still see the orange ones from the front. I can't link the pic, but if you check out my gotsatng page there's a recent pic of my car with them on (second pic down, by the water):
  17. I put the headlights on the car even tho its still on the lift it looks alot better..Cant wait to get the car on the road should be done winsday..