Car shuts off, cranks, no start tho

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by NotQuik, May 4, 2004.

  1. Like the subject says, if your driving the car will just shut off. Lights and everything still work, it cranks just fine wanting to turn over but just won't do so. Any idea's fella's? :(
  2. Battery has enough juice to run everything except handle the load of the engine. Sounds like poor battery connections. Check both terminals for cleanliness and connectivity at the battery posts and check the connection of the positive at the starter motor and solenoid. Lemme know how it goes :flag:
  3. ok ready.....battery..or terminals....fuel problems...injectors,pump
    spark plugs....or other spark issues.....wireing issues.....fuel pump
    switch.....choke sticking open closed....dizzy,rotor problems..filters
    clogged...i'll keep thinking...
  4. I am sorry, I forgot to add that the next morning after it did this the car started right up. I haven't driven the car since but I start it every couple days and it hasn't had any issues since. This is what's really throwing me off is that the car now runs fine, but i'm affraid to drive it in fear of this happening again.
  5. you wouldn't happen to have an msd box would you... Sounds like what mine did. IT would all of sudden quit working causing the car to quit. Car would turn over like normal but wouldn't start.. You let it sit long enough it started right back up or you just bypass the box and it would start. (Still waiting on my new one. MSD said it was unrepairable so they offered me a brand new one for 85$. It was a digital 6+.)

    Could possibably be your igniton control module too.
  6. your battery and connections should be fine if you can turn it over... Has to be your fuel pump or fuel filter or something in the ignition. If you turn the car on but don't crank it and get out, you should be able to hear the fuel pump. Make sure that's running, change out your fuel filter and that should eliminate an easy fuel fix. Then concentrate on your ignition. Remember, it takes air, gas and spark to make your engine run. Everything else is ancillery. Break it down into easily manageable chunks and you can troubleshoot anything...
  7. Fuel pump is fine. it was getting plenty of fuel when it was cranking and you can hear it as well. Car is bone stock down to the filter and air silencer still and when it runs it runs great. Ignition module is my best guess, the car also has an aftermarket alarm system as well maybe that could count for something.

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  8. You're prolly right about the ignition system, I think someone said you can bypass it and take it out of the equation to see if thats the problem...
  9. I had a fuel pump that would shut down after getting hot. You could let the car cool down for 15 minutes, and it would start right up. Replaced the pump and everything was fine. You could be driving down the road and the car would just die -- yet everything else worked.
  10. Even when the car wouldn't turn over it still had lots of fuel pressure though, that's why I checked that off the list.
  11. a friend of mine had what seems to be the same problem.. ford told him it was the ignition module.. after spending 40$ on one he found out that that wasn't the problem.. it turn out to be the stators in the distributor.. his car would run fine then just shutoff, then it wouldn't start.. then the next day it ran fine..? I say stators if you ask me , with a maybe on the ign module.. you can test the module with a fluke meter I think..
  12. Didn't think about that, thank you.
  13. I had the exact problem with my 95 and have replied to many others who have had the same problem. I replaced EVERY ignition sensor in the car and nothing but if it sat overnight it would start right up and run fine for 5 minutes and die.

    I decided to borrow a computer from a friends car. Solved the problem. I picked up a used 5 speed computer on ebay and I have had NO problem since. I didn't think they went out but I guess they can suck too.