car troubles, HELP please

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  1. I was driving me Daily Driver when it shut down on me in the middle of the road. I thought I heard metal scratching like when your all ready started and you turn over the key again (grinding) but im not shure.
    I checked an put gas in the stupid thing, its got gas. I can hear the tank pump running when key is turned to "on" and the whole thing lights up about as bright as usual.
    Oil was changed reg. since I took it over at 90k miles (its about 160k miles now have to go look for an exact reading) and the antifreeze is in there full and is good still I think.
    The tow guy said it might have been the pump shutting off, I said I can hear it turning on but he checked any way. its running up.

    Bout the only thing the dash board "idiot lights" are doing is there normal start up routine and then the battery light stays on.
    It cranks up smooth and sounds like always, save no growl to life.
    It just wont start, whats wrong with it??

    It is a FWD 4 banger, manual 5-speed escort. and i has work tomarow.
  2. Was just out at the car, trying to get it to start and here is what happened.

    I looked for the fuel pump auto cut of switch. it was pressed all the way down. so I used a philips head screw driver to pop it up. it came up from just setting the screw driver in there. I thought for shure that was it (but pissed it would cost me a $77 dollar tow though) I tried to crank er up. wouldnt go. but pump was running both times, figure that out! :scratch:

    Now I have found out me manual is gone. :eek: im freaking out here!!!
  3. What the H*** is wrong with this thing!! where is my manual?? :eek: *freaks out*
    *cant afford another car*
  4. Did you get it running?
  5. no I have not. I have pulled the timing belt hood thingy (easy 3 screws, then pull of) and the belt is on there and I think intact. its a really cracked all over but none appear to go all the way through it (not to self save up some dough cus thats gona need attention soon)

    Is the fuel pump cut off switch (little yellow piece of junk in trunk) suppose to be down or up? I have lost my manual & the little sticker on it says consult that when it only need say "its suppose to be (up or down which ever it is) and use some a screw driver to pop it up" all its got to say, could use 2 little pictures but no its got to redirect me to a book i dont have. grrrr. :notnice: <--to ford, stupids!!

    By the way mine is down, tried it up still didn't work. whats it suppose to be?? :scratch:
  6. CAREFULLY check the shrader vavle on the fuel rail and see if you have fuel pressure. If you do then check to see if you have spark. I have to get my 3 year old ready and to daycare then I'll be back and can pull up the info you need on Mitchell.
  7. ok, I will check that. Ford Timing Belts & Chains

    If that site is accurate then the 99 zx2's DOHC 2.0 motor needs replacement of the timing belt every 120k miles. Im at 130,332 miles. :notnice: Im in trouble aren't I??
  8. If it is the timing belt wouldn't it be loose and fall away from the cams when I pulled the cover back?? This one was tight to the cams but loose in between them.
  9. Might have jumped a tooth instead of breaking is it loose on both sides?
  10. its wiggle able in the middle, were dealing with a DOHC motor. I cant reach down to the sides, its protected by a metal shield on one side and to much junk on the other.

    Ohhh god dont let it be that damned belt!!
  11. Yeah you might be in trouble.

    CAUTION: This application is an interference engine. Do not rotate camshaft or crankshaft when timing belt is removed, or engine damage may occur.

    Thats the first line in On-Demand. Now is it a vin code 3 or a vin code P?
  12. I broke a belt on a 95 escort once. completly ruined an other wise good car. That belt was like 2 sizes to big and could be pulled out quite far. This one is just a little give in the middle, still tight on the actual "gear" looking things on the cams.

    I read some thing about running out of gas and having to pull the + lead off the battery for about 5 min. then try it again and things work for people. Im going to go try that.
  13. Now that you're awake .... 120k is just the recommended interval, it's not written in stone. If it's not broken you are probably ok and it's something else. Do you have fuel pressure? do you have spark?
  14. I have no idea on the VIN code thing there. I know its a 99 zx2 with a 2.0 DOHC motor in it.
  15. it should be a vin code 3, code P says sohc
  16. I don't have any thing to pull the spark plugs with. I have some wrenches, screw drivers and a simple house hold socket set (wally world "dad christmas tool set" type) thats what im workin with.
    Im headed out to check that fuel press. right now. Damn I been up all night because of this.
  17. ok, There is fuel spitting out of the shrader valve. there is pressure there. I tried the 5 min. thingy to, no luck.
    Wish I had some one to stand there an watch the timing belt. that would put that fear to rest for good.

    P.S. Vin code 3 is that good or bad? :shrug:
  18. FYI that SOHC is peice of bull crap! any damned thing snaps on it every thing goes an brakes. like a dominoes thing. and the cars are so cheap even a timing belt change could add up to half the cars total worth. :nonono:
  19. just means you have a dohc instaed of sohc. or instaed of 95 hp you have 110.....
    lick your finger and then wipe it on the timing belt, then get in and turn the car over.....see if the wet spot moves
  20. So this is an Escort ZX2 ? They used the same 2.0 on the Focus also.

    It's cranking but not turning over...correct? What was that noise you were talking about? Said it sounds like starter gear grinding or something.

    Is there anything else unusual you notice while turning ignition? Also,as a rule out test,pull a plug wire + plug.Turn over with plug in wire..out of engine.Ground side of plug to block.check to see if you got spark.