car troubles, HELP please

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  1. Turning over much faster than normal = Camshaft not rotating belt.
    Also,you can test pressure at the shrader valve but pressure will only be greatest for a second since the fuel pump isn't running.

    These aren't the same engines that the Escape has.Escape has 2.3L (used to be 2.3..2009 haa new 2.5 engine).The one here is a 2.0.I can check on a Focus for the cam sensor.Actually..He should be looking for the crank sensor.The engine will still run without a cam sensor,but not without the crank sens.

    Now if you have an extra person available + a voltmeter,you could unplug the crank sens. and tap the meter onto the sensor.Set meter to mv setting.Have someone crank the motor,and watch for consistant voltage spikes.An analog meter would be good for this.
  2. A handheld vacuum pump.Remove vac line from regulator,Attach a vac hose from vac pump to the regulator.Squeeze pump a few times to build vacuum.Now try starting it.Too little vacuum in the regulator and fuel pressure is very low.Which would indicate a faulty reg.

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  3. See, my first thought was crank angle sensor which is very easy to swap and they are cheap. The problem was I could not find a part number so I figured for must of decided to use the cam angle sensor signal :shrug:

    I just did one on a V-6 F series (I know, way different engine) and the truck ran, jast like crap. The sensor was completley broken off. Then I just did a cam angle on a KIA that would not even start with the bad sensor :shrug:
  4. it sprayed every where.
    about 1/4 left
    turning over seems to be normal, though now the battery is getting low so its getting slower.
  5. Looks like its time to go to walmart and get a multimeter and a spark plug. Use the spark plug first to see if you have spark then you'll need to meter to check voltages. As soon as I get my 3 year old to bed I'll send you a wiring diagram.
  6. Gotta check for spark.Get that plastic cover off.Most of them just snap into place with maybe one or two screws holding it.

    If you can at least verify the plugs are firing then you got that knocked off.So far..I'm thinking it's one of two different issues.Either your crank sensor bit it..or the coil pack got an extra plug wire laying around? (Or borrow a wire from another car that uses the same type of connector).If you do,unplug one of the wires on the coil pack and plug that new wire in.Put a long bolt or socket ext. in the boot and set it close to the block.......crank and have someone check for spark.
  7. moving to other auto tech..

    We are going to need some basic info to help you..

    1. what does it do with a good battery charge, crank normal? any noises?

    2. what is the fuel pressure or do you have any pressure?

    3. do you have spark?

    4. any codes?
  8. cranks but does not start. battery getting low.
    #2.It has fuel pressure, squirted out from shrader valve.
    #3. Don't know, only me here maybe dad will help with this.
    #4. Don't know, but there should be a code or 2 on there.
  9. I sense questions that were allready answered multiple times allready.....try reading the whole thread.