Engine Car Won't Crank, Battery Related

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  1. So I have a PI motor swap and today at work I tried to start it on my way back from lunch and no crank, just heart a click from the starter, I went to pop the hood and wiggled the negative cable went to start it and cranked right up. Yes my terminals are on tight however the ground on the negative cable that goes to the block isn't completely tight but it is making contact with the threads on the bolt, what's going on.
    Also I am missing the ground from my block to chassis so idk if that would be a cause but I've been driving my car perfectly fine for the past 2mo

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  2. Starter motor current returns through the engine block, to the chassis and to the battery through those thick, heavy wires.

    Why is the negative cable to the block not completely tight? Why are you missing the ground cable from the block to the chassis?

    Fix these things and your starting problems will likely go away.

    While you're at it check the condition of all of the battery, block and chassis cables: Check particularly for loose crimps which can be masked by heatshrink tubing over the crimp. A wiggle of such a cable might point to that also being a problem.
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  3. well said trinity
  4. Well when we did the swap we didn't realize we missed the ground from the block to the chassis until I realized my battery charge would go down after the engine warmed up, I been meaning to fix it but with getting ready to move it's kinda been slipping my mind. I'm gonna fix it tomorrow. Gonna fix the starting issue tonight then make a trip tomorrow to the parts store for some new ground wire

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  5. Well I replaced the battery posts and the car started right up and the battery level is right where it should be however oreileys said that the alternator is only sending pulses of electricity to the battery instead of a steady current so it does need a new alternator but it holds a charge

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