car wont go into gear

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  1. so this morning, i go to my car and start it up and it wont go into gear. i cant put it into 1 through reverse. if i turn the car off and try to put it into gear it will go. but if i leave it in and start it it will just stall out. when i press on the clutch pedal it doesnt feel stiff anymore like it used to. what could be causing this. i just had a new clutch and bearings installed in the tranny about a week and a half ago. thanks for any input.
  2. oh forgot, its an 01 gt w/ 3650 tranny
  3. well guys i think i might of found my culprit. i dont think the clutch is releasing or something. cause the throw out bearing and fork are tightly pressed up against the
    pressure plate. below are some pics of what im talking about. so how can i fix this?

  4. Try and adjust your clutch pedal out, so it draws the fork further away from the clutch. An adjustable cable or firewall adjuster would work, but you could also
    manually adjust the clutch pedal at the ford oem pedal assembly
  5. like the thing is it messed up over night. like one day it was working and driving fine and the next i couldnt get it into gear.
  6. The adjuster or cable could have snapped. I'd look in that direction 1st.
  7. im not sure what could be causing it cause it was driving fine for teh week that i had it since i got it back from the shop and was driving fine the day before and then the very next day no go. i just went and pushed in on the clutch pedal and help it there with some supplies all the way on the floor and got underneath the car and seen that the clutch fork and everything moved forward with the pedal pressed in, so what could it be. low fluid or pedal might need adjusting
  8. It's pretty safe to say, either the clutch was installed improperly or has failed. Going forward, you mentioned the clutch fork moves when the pedal is depressed, that isolates the issue to the clutch.

    Like you said, start the car up and it wont go into gear. If you can hold it to gear to the point it wont go further, shut the car off and it slides in it needs a clutch. I'd get it towed back to the shop that just installed everything since it was just done.

    And a word of advice, dont **** with it. If it was due to the shops workmanship, you messing with it may lead them to saying they are no longer liable. Just get it towed and tell them whats going on. This should be covered by the shop or part warranty from the manufacturer.
  9. yeah i think i am going to just try to find a car trailer so i can trailer it back to the shop and get them to fix everything, cause at this point im not sure what it may be
  10. ok just noticed when i turn the car on. there is like a chirping noise coming from the tranny and the clutch fork is bouncing up and down. everything is stock from the clutch to the cable and quadrant. I still cant get this thing to go into gear, does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Same thing is happening to me except I have a 6month old RAM HDX, the only real way to find out is to have the tranny taken off. My fork bounced around so much it blew my dust cover off.

    It could be a bad clutch fork, bad pivot ball, or the clutch could have just plain failed. Need to look inside to find out. The squeaking is from the TOB that jut went out, same with me. Look back in there and see if anything has changed, like grease coming out of the TOB.
  12. well i officially come to the conclusion that my clutch is not disengaging. and i cant take it back to the shop yet cause i dont have the money to get a car trailer or tow truck to take it there. i wish i could figure this thing out and fix it myself.
  13. Just adjust your cable on your stock quadrant to get it to move, it worked for me. Do you know how?
  14. How many clicks did you adjust it out to?
  15. well it said not to do it more than 2 clicks so i stopped at 2
  16. just to get it moving go further than 2, try 4 or 5, of course going one click at a time. They speak of damange by going further during prolonged periods of adjustment, but in your case just to get it rolling, try it out. As you adjust to more clicks, more of the slack on the line is taken up and the clutch fork is pulled further, so it migh just get you rollin to transport your ride. I did this to get it to move.
  17. that's crazy cause im having the same problem right now and guess going to have to pull it or tow it to a mechanic...clutch pops
  18. Back from the dead eh?

    What's the specifics with your situation?
  19. I would think the shop that did the work would tow it themselves.Didnt they give you a warranty for the repair?

    Anytime I have had a so called pro job done and it failed they payed to tow it back to their shop.

    And I wouldnt mess with it,it will just give them a reason to not fix their mistake,if you give them a reason to get out of it,they will.