Car won't start: Flashing Theft Light

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  1. Well, I did a search on this one cause I figured maybe it has happened to others and I got some information, but not enough to fix the problem.

    Problem: I put the key in the ignition, turn it to on, and try to turn it over and I get nothing. The theft light on the dash just keeps blinking (when the key is in the ignition) and it won't stop! I tried my spare key, and it didnt work either. The car was running fine last night, and now this happens.

    I have an aftermarket alarm w/auto start and that won't start the car either. If anyone can think of a solution please let me know because otherwise the aftermarket alarm is getting pulled out (which I really dont want to do cause it was over $500 installed). Please advise...
  2. That sux man :(

    I have heard people advise others to disconnect the battery for 5-10 minutes to see if it fixes this problem. I think in certain situations this is something you may have to have the dealer fix (tow truck, dealer repair rates, SUX MAN)

    Good luck...
  3. when I did my engine swap I had the same thing happen to me because I didn't connect a two pin plug beck together by the battery. I know that you didn't say anything about pulling apart anything but I konw one of the lines is a ground and you never know it might have just come off..... Hope it helps.
  4. Disconnected the batt for over an hour, still nothing. And I have not messed with anything under the hood yet. I got in at midnight, parked car in garage, and now this. I am at a loss here...I hate to have the thing towed. If I need to I will pull the aftermarket alarm and see if that helps, but I have never disconnected one of those I could potentially mess up something really bad.
  5. Is there a warranty on the aftermarket alarm installation? Maybe you can get them to fix it...
  6. Yeah, I called them...they are such idiots. I told them the car won't start, and they said AND I QUOTE " Okay, well bring it up here on Monday and we will take a look at it." Idiots...
  7. Sounds like clowns to me. Maybe if the place is nearby they will come over?

    Usually if all is well but your Pats key is NFG, like just using a spare to unlock the car, the starter will turn over, THEFT will light and it will not start.

    I'd check all my fuses before I called for a tow. Don't monkey with the alarm.

  8. When did u get the new alarm installed? And doesn't the alarm light ALWAYS flash? mine does, ever couple of seconds, so i dont think thats abnormal...unless you mean the light that says "THEFT". Then yeah thats wierd.

    Maybe you have a wiring harness/cluster conflict with your alarm? :shrug:
    Don't know how to fix it, hope you can get it cleared though.
  9. Yeah its the light on the dash that says "THEFT" like right next to to check engine lights. When the car is off the light is off, then when I go to turn it on, the light "THEFT" just keeps flashing and it won't do anything! The aftermarket alarm has been on since dec 2003 so its nothing new. This sucks, I hate electronics when they don't work like they are suppose to
  10. I didnt have the alarm armed all night, I never arm it if its parked in the garage. Also, just thought I would mention, the led light for my aftermarket alarm is on constant right now and won't turn off. Its like it is armed, even though it is not! I think I am gonna have to end up pulling the whole aftermarket setup and hope that my car starts...
  11. This has happened to me before. You need to have Ford reprogram your keys.
  12. What was the cause of the problem when it happened to you???
  13. it's a PATS problem... probally a bad pats transiver (sp.?) i have seen a few go bad before... if it was the key you should ahve been able too start it with the other key unless you are locked out... PATS will lock you out for a period of time if a bad key is used... after you plugged the battery back in did you try the spare?? if not try the spare without using your other key first...
  14. I am not locked out of the car. I have tried both keys, my normal one, and the spare and I have had no luck with either one. I dont know if its just the PATS or if its the aftermarket alarm or what. My aftermarket alarm is also a remote start, so at all times there is a regular ford key hard wired into the really I am dealing with three keys here : the regular key, the spare, and the one that is wired into the ignition and is in the car 24/7.
  15. The first thing you need to do is determine if the cause is your alarm or the factory anti-theft ("PATS") system.
    Why? Because the alarm installer won't be able to fix the PATS system, and the Ford Dealer won't be able to fix the alarm (though they might be able to bypass it with some luck).

    Do you have a "no crank", or "crank but no start" condition? I can't be sure from your first post description.

    Check your owners' manual for a description of how the car will react to a bad key. I have an '03, so my manual may not be the same as yours.

    My car will crank but not start with a PATS problem, whereas most aftermarket alarms add a relay that disables the starter. In that case, even ripping out the alarm won't restore the connection. Manual transmission models have a clutch switch that does the same thing.

    The clue that your alarm light stays on suggests to me an alarm problem. If your condition is "no crank", thats a 2-0 score in favor of an alarm issue.

    Aftermarket remote start systems usually mount a PATS key somewhere near the ignition. If that key is bad, I'm not sure if your regular keys will work. My owners' manual warns of this potential problem.
  16. This may sound stupid...but maybe his starter went out?

    Does the car even click when you go to crank it? Or does it just stay silent. It's a very small click, so be sure you have the hood up and listen for it.
  17. It clicks, so I dont think its the starter. When I turn the key over to try and start it, the rpms go up for a split second but it never starts. So I guess that means its cranking, just not starting.
  18. We've established that the starter motor is turning. Most alarms inhibit the starter, (there are exceptions, like those that turn off the fuel pump), so I'm now thinking the alarm may not be the cause . . . but we haven't explained why the alarm light remains on. That needs to be resolved before we can reach a conclusion with more confidence.

    Do you have a user's manual for your alarm? Does it explain the consequences of a steady light? Does it specify how the car is disabled when the alarm is triggered?

    When I turn my ignition key to the ON (not Start) position, the Theft light goes on steady for 2 seconds, then turns off.
    Does yours just keep flashing?
  19. the exact same think happend to me, I took off the passenger kick pannel and dissconected the 3 wire plugs and cleaned the ecu wiring, made sure everything was snug and it started back up, I think one of those wires will cause that if its not secure.
  20. The owners manual for the alarm says that a constantly lit led means it is armed. However, the car is not armed, its unlocked and disarmed. I have been messing with it all morning and here are some things I have figured out:

    1. If the key is in the ignition in the on position for more than a few minutes, the theft light doesnt blink as fast, and eventually stops. However, even after the theft light stops blinking, the car will not start.

    2. If the key is in the ignition in the on position and I shut the doors and lock the car with the spare key, then the theft light on the dash stops blinking altogether. Then when I unlock the door with the spare key the theft light starts blinking again.