Car won't start: Flashing Theft Light

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  1. I messed with some wires under that dash while removing some gauges.. I think I tapped a PATS wire for a power lead = :owned:
  2. Do you have a vallet switch? Some alarms come with one,when hit the car won't start untill hit agian. This happend to a friend of mine poor bastard had to spend the night at my house till we could figure it out......jj :flag:
  3. Yeah there is a valet mode, but I dont think its turned on right now. I was looking through the whole manual for the alarm and I disarmed everything and turned off valet mode and it still wouldnt do anything.
  4. And now the whole weekend has gone by and you were denied access to your Mustang :( THAT'S TOTAL BS MAN

    I just dusted a Dodge Stealth for all the homeys whose Stangs ain't running...
  5. you guys are going off track now.... it's the pats system.. i am 100 percent sure... the pats light flashes when theres a pats error... bad key ban transiever etc..

    trust me on this i am a ford tech...
  6. Okay, well the good new is that the ford dealership and the alarm install place are two doors down from each other. I guess I will have it towed up to the ford dealership and then if they cant fix it, I will push it next door to the alarm install place.

    Just have to say thanks for all the help everyone, it just plain out sucks, one of the nicest weekends of the year, and the vert is stuck in the garage. I will update this thread after I finally figure out what is wrong with it. Again, thanks for the help and good info.
  7. you might need to re-program your keys, If you've ever tried using a spare without being programmed, it will turn over but not start because of the chip
  8. SAME exact thing happened to me in my 96 GT.. happened out of no where. i was stumped for atleast a month and had no car for a month and turns out it was my battery cable ! it was rusted out. check your battery cable. i hope its that. if not then idk what to tell u :shrug:
  9. ok this is my last post on this... a flashing theft light when you try too start the car is a PATS error.. it will have atleast one pats code in the system..
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  10. Call the people who installed it and tell them your problem, but when they give you, "bring it up here" crap tell them no, you bring your sorry @$$ down here and fix it ASAP or I'll kill you all... ok minus the kill you all part, but don't let them hassle you!
  11. I wish we could have resolved this for you; some conflicting symptoms (alarm indicator on and PATS indicator flashing) make it tough to call.

    One thing I have learned over the years . . . experience usually beats theory by a mile. In this case, MikeZ28's advice seems rooted in solid experience, so I would probably go to the Ford Dealer first.

    If we knew exactly how (if) the alarm inhibits starting, I might feel differently. But I cannot see how the alarm could interfere with PATS, even if armed. Typically they are installed to remove power to either the starter or fuel pump.
  12. I have a similar issue...

    I came home parked my car and in the morning my car would not start. It would turn over but never fire. The theft light just blinked taunting me. I did everything, battery unplug, ecu disconnect, keys, etc. The thing is when i get out of my car, I lift my steering wheel column. When the steering wheel is down, my car will start and everything is ok. But when my steering wheel column is up the car wont start and the theft light blinks. I have lower my steering wheel and remove my key and then the car will fire. Anyone else have this problem or is this a saftey measure? I hope this help a little.

    Good luck
  13. SilverstangGT . . . do you have a remote start installed?
  14. The other day while driving my "THEFT" light began to blink? I have no clue why it was doing it :(

    It's blinked on and off and finally just stopped coming on.
  15. No I do not have a remote starter...I wish I did...The funny thing is the car starts when the wheel is down. Should i worry that there is a short somewhere?
  16. you guys need to listen to him, from my experiences of installing alarms/remote starts if you get the problem diagnosed, it should pull a PATS system error like Mikez28 said, plus i would not be surprised if your keybox that sends a resistance to the stock security system is bad (DEI part # 555U or 555F)

    so it will either be the factory PATS system with your key is jacked, or the 555U or 555F (whichever one you got installed) has ****ted out on you

    tell us what you figure out.
  17. Yeah, I am having it towed to the alarm place this saturday and if they cant figure it out then i will tow it to ford on monday...someone should be able to tell me something useful...but at what price...I will soon find out.
  18. Sorry man but I would listen to mikeZ28 and take it to ford first. I have had my anti theft enabled more than once and ford will have to reprogram the parameters for around $50. A new key will run you around $100.00. Just make sure to take both keys because they cant only program one. Good luck man but pats sometimes has its own way of thinking and that is the ONLY way to fix it. :cheers:
  19. It's the pats system like mentioned here a million times. Bring it to ford and they will reprogram it. Trust me, sometimes the pats system resets itself. Don't ask me why but thats ford for you.
  20. I took the car up to the place that installed the aftermarket alarm...they told me that the alarm was bad and they are going to pull it for me. So bad news number one, I no longer have an alarm....

    They also dont think that any of my ford keys have the correct code anymore, and they think that I will need to reprogram all of the keys at ford...anyone know how much thats gonna cost with two keys?

    So that was my, not-so-happy update. I will see what happens on monday and do a last update when the car is finally running.