Car won't start: Flashing Theft Light

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MyEarsHurt, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. I think the alarm company should pay to have your keys reporgrammed.

    Aftermarket alarm systems are a waste of money in my opinion...
  2. FINAL UPDATE: I took the car to Ford, they tried to reprogram the keys and told me the PATS transceiver was shot. So they order me a new one (at a cost of $250 installed). They put it in today, and reprogrammed all the keys, it started up just fine :banana: :banana: :banana:

    So, tomorrow I will be driving it again....well for one week at least, then its headswap/nitrous install time! It will probably be at home in the garage for a few weeks while I am getting everything assembled! :nice:
  3. Thank you, i tried my spare key and it works, that solution cost me $0,00 i almost gone crazy, but when i read about the key thing i said let's try it and works perfectly... thank you very much for the tip.
  4. A while back I acquired a 97 cobra rolling shell . It did not have a key but I needed to move it so I just drilled out the ignition lock so I could steer it around . I decided after some dreaming and a little research I would rebuild it , found a cobra engine , a ECM , a complete wire harness a a whole bunch of other parts. Little by little it all came together, then I got back to the ignition pulled a lock and keyfrom a local U-pick and just assumed it would start right up ( did not know anything ) . Theft light flashing , no crank , ....all the symptoms... Finally I called a locksmith out of mesa to reprogram my key to the system , he ran program, re-keyed the door locks and cut a second key and programmed it , then he explained how the key was not matched to the ECM and how the PATS would react . Flashing theft light was done , car started right up never saw problem again. So all that said , my question is , where did key #3 come from? Who programmed it ? Could this be your problem ? Try removing it , then try your original key . Hope this helps sorry for the run on story.
  5. Whoops I guess I should read all of the posts
  6. Did someone mention that it is a PATS and issue and should go back to the Ford dealer? Ok, I am leaving now. Lol.