car wont start, mustang needs help! sos

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by slo65, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. ok so i drove the car earlier today no problem, i was about to go off to a friends house and i started the car (yes it started) and it started stuttering the rpms were about 500-700 when this happend then it just died. So tried it again and again but no dice, it sounds like its turning over fine, but it just wont catch, i checked all the connections as far as the distributor, and plug wires, and i cleaned the battery terminals and stuff, i'm pretty new to the 5.0 i just got her a couple weeks back so any advice or if anyone has had a similar problem please let me know, so thanks in advance :flag:
  2. if its sputtered before it died, it most likely is not getting enough fuel to the engine. Check your fuel filter and fuel pump.
  3. batt could be weak if it is weak and wont hold a charge it will still roll the engine but wont always fire it. (got stranded at WAWA because of this) or your plugs could be fouled or bad wires? who knows
  4. Thats my bet too. Do you hear a humming coming from the rear end ( gas tank) when you first turn on the key? You can take off the filler cap and stick your ear up to it while someone turns on the ignition. It will run for 3-5 seconds usually, then cut off. If you dont hear it the pump not coming on. Then reset the inertia switch in the trunk or hatch. Then check the pumps relay under the drivers seat or under the MAF sensor under the hood. Another neat trick is to ground the FP circuit at the Diagnostic connector and turn on the key. This will force it to run all the time when the key is on.
  5. thanks a lot guys i messed with that connection under the driver seat (name?) and now it works i noticed i couldnt hear the fuel pump good call, thanks a lot guys
  6. Time to replace that relay, it will happen again. They are known to stick on too, and if you dont notice your FP can run all night and drain the battery.
  7. esh i wasnt aware, so where can i get a replacement for it, and what exactly is it called
  8. Fule pump relay - cost is about $10 at most auto parts stores.