Car Won't Start Need To Pump Gas Pedal To Stay On

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  1. Hey guys I posted a while ago about a surging problem, well it got worse.
    so far i have changed the tps, iac, rotor and cap, coil, fuel filter, and cleaned the egr and throttle, changed all spark plugs, check wires for spark leaks, and check for vacuum leaks when it was running.

    I have had no luck only thing i can think of is the fuel pump at the moment. I can hear the pump whirring when i turn the key to the on position. So any input would help so i can get my car started again.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Have you been able to check fuel presure , should be around 39 psi, but if it will rev idk
  3. Forgot I believe your carbed. , I think 6.5 on fuel presure not exactly sure it's that or in the carb more than likely
  4. Also would help to let everyone know what you have done , can't tell you exactly what's wrong most your Gona get here is ideas , if your not Gona do the foot work your car is not Gona run
  5. Sorry forgot to mention its an 86 so it is fuel injected. now I'm about to go loan a pressure gauge, seeing as my car wont idle how would i go about checking that do i just continuously crank it with the gauge connected?
    And i posted exactly what i have changed and check in the op
    It's all stock if thats what you mean
    Thanks a lot for the response
  6. Not sure on your year but it's more than likely not fuel pump if it will run when you rev it , if you get it moving does it have power if so then not fuel presure problem
  7. Can't get it to stay on i have to pump the gas pedal continuously and the rpm is extremely erratic. As soon as i let go of the gas pedal the car shuts off so there's no way to get it moving.
  8. Okay looked your motor year same as mine lol almost.. May be fuel presure here's where my fuel presure gauge is right be hind alternator .in this pic I have aftermarket gauge

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  9. perfect so i connect the gauge and just turn the key to the on position right? and it should sit around 39 psi?
  10. If fuel presure is low then check fuel filter first and fuel presure regulator , you can try pulling the vacum line off fuel presure regulator and will increase presur a bit see if that helps but put a nail or something in the vacume line while it's off so there no vacume leak in the intake
  11. Yes just checked mine and yes mine when to 39 psi with key on
  12. Alright thanks a lot I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Also if you don't have fuel presure I believe the regulator on the fuel rail can go bad and sometimes let gas straight threw the vacum line so check that as well
  14. How would i go about checking that?
  15. Well it's on the left passenger side behind throttle body , but pull off vacum line check for visible gas is one way the other ways not sure but first see if there's fuel presure I guess but stock regulators are cheap and do fail but I don't know how severe the symptoms are just throwing it out there

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  16. Alright thanks for the heads up you've been tons of help!
  17. Check your codes you can do that for free the computer will tell you what is wrong for free right now I can tell you how if you don't know all you need is a pen , paper , and 7 inch piece of wire
  18. ok how do you do that? sounds like it's going to be easy and hard at the same time
  19. Okay behind your strut tower on driver side there should be a little black box rose buded to the back of tower , says ecc test
  20. Here's a pic

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