Car won't start warm, Not getting a pulse to the injectors

HI All

my car has been undriveable for the last 6 months - no problems starting cold and drive, but after the car gets warm - if you switch it off it will not start - it cranks however does not turn over - it has been sitting at ford for the last 6 months

details as below

Edelbrock 1586 kit 2300 supercharger
ID1050x Injectors
JMS Fuel pump booster
Xforce Headers (stainless steel)
Xforce 3 Inch Cat Back Exhaust (stainless steel)
stage 2 Edelbrock kit - includes
drop-in 400 LPH fuel pump assembly
Edelbrock Cold Air Intake & GT350 Throttle Body (with adapter plate)

Ford has reported

Fuel pressure during non-start to spec - ignition coil triggers are present during non-start event - power present for coils during non-start event - inspection of pcm connectors and pins for damage all look ok - suspect ecu maybe the cause - however we are unable to communicate with the ECU

do you think my tune has corrupted (lund tune) - i have been in contact with lund who have dialled up crank fuel however it hasn't fixed the issue

have been researching a bit - has anyone had this issue before - anyone heard of fuel vapour and installed a

8mm 5/16" One Way Non Return Fuel Line Check Valve?​

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