Car wont start

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Chetly, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I got my project car together. THe tranny and bellhousing wernt installed when i got it. The starter however was hanging by its wires. I went to start the car today and nothing happened, no clicking, no nothing. It is a new battery in the car. Where should i check. I think that mabey the starter and wires are messed up because the wires to the starter were the only thing holding the starter. As i said, nothing happened when i turned the key, however, i did have lights in the dash light up. Thanks.
  2. Which lights are coming on in the dash? Do the headlights work and stay bright if you leave them on for 30 sec. or so?

    That is a load test. If you have good connections, it will be a good judge of the battery.

    Check your connections, even the old ones. Not every one, just the starting system.

    Be sure to disconnect the battery before going under it to fool around with the starter wire. Dont want it rolling over you. :nice:
  3. The battery is brand new. Ill check the wires going from the selenoid to starter and check to make sure things look copesetic. COuld my starter be bad? What am i looking for when checking connections? Thanks
  4. You are making sure connections are tight and not corroded. Again, dissconnect the battery before poking and pulling on things. Answer my questions from my post above. Your starter may be bad, but test the battery first, cause its easier. Have to make sure its in nuetral to test the starter, then simply jump the two big terminals on the solenoid together with a screwdriver or something. New parts are not good until proven to be.
  5. Jerry is right on. ill toss out one thing that he implied, but you will miss if you dont think to check it. since this is a project car, did you make sure the trigger wire is on the solenoid (little wire that slides onto the stud on the solenoid). also, is clutch pressed in (clutch safet switch). if so, to one or both, grab a test light and see if you have 12 volts to the trigger wire when in crank position. this and jerry's ideas should have you on track and rollin soon. a std blade fuse can be used to bridge the clutch switch.

    Jerry, ive been meaning to tell you, welcome back from Uzbekistan. LOL. sunny Ocala must be nice. :)