car won't start :(

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  1. Hey guys,
    so about a week ago i drove home from work fine and the next morning i went to start my car and it ticked but wouldnt crank over. so i put the charger on it for a few hours and now the car wont even tick... is this a sign of a bad starter?

    I had other problems with the vehicle prior to it not turning over. They were bad shocks, no exhaust, my check coolant light was on (i beleive to a bad sensor), and my check engine light was on due to an idle air control valve / vacuum leak some where. Other than that the car ran just fine!

    Can i get some help please!

    Thank you

  2. well here is an update. non of my lights light up on my dash when i turn the key to the on position... and my headlights do not turn on nor my light in the car when i open the door. I am guessing there is something wrong with my battery or a loose connection up there. I am going to check when i get home today...
  3. Hey, yea first thing is probably to get a new battery. they have 3 yr warranty at walmart so its a pretty good deal(keep the receipt in little bag). When it ticks like that its just not enough juice coming from the batt. I've had problems before and ppl were promising me it was my starter but in the end it was just a bad battery with bad cells
  4. well the battery and alternator are fairly new. Last september both fried so i replaced both... i took a closer look at it today, cleaned up the terminals and now the lights come on... however, when i try to start it... all i get is a couple of ticks and thats it... the engine doesnt even turn over... Is there a fuse of some sort that could of blown? any other idea of what it could be?

  5. Hey, can't really think of anything else, no fuses. First thing I would do is replace the battery to be honest
  6. check the battery voltage at rest ( don't do this after charging it ). it should be 12.65-12.7 volts 12.4-12.5 is borderline and the battery should be suspect. a new battery can have a bad cell. once you get the car running run another charging system check with the volt meter at the battery. it should be at 13.6-14.4 volts although I have seen some run at 15 still fine.

    I suspect couple of things one being the fender mounted soleniod might be stuck or junk. you can 1st try tapping it then try starting the car or 2nd jump it(bypass it) to see if the starter cranks. if the car turns over replace the soleniod. If this doesn't work check all the cables to the battery, soleniod and starter to make sure the connections are good and the cables aren't junk. you could also have a bad starter/stuck starter ( try tapping it like the soleniod then starting it) , you can also test the starter with a direct wire jumper from the battery just make the car[/B] is either in park or neutral and the e-brake is on please:D. give this a try and check back with results.
  7. car won't start

    1) Check the battery terminal connections, make sure they are tight.
    2) Is the battery dead? Cannot charge a dead battery. Have local parts store check it. If ok, check alternator.
    3) check connection to starter. Positive battery cable needs to be tight on starter.
  8. yep

    well you always want to check the battery. charge it if you can for a whole day. then, you'd want to check your fuel pump.. who knows what happened. weirder things could have happened.
    it's usually that the car isn't getting power or fuel --
    hope that helps.