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  1. so I picked up a 95 gt vert from a buddy I know which he had sitting there about 2 years tops. when I picked it up he said it needed a fuel pump, however after later inspection I noticed some wires on the fuel injection harness were bare (as if chewed on by rats). The car has power but won't start, could it be due to these wires? also, could I just replace the efi harness? or do I have to replace the whole engine harness. I picked up the car because I drove it before he parked it and it's a beast so I know it's worth it as long as I get it running.. any help would be appreciated
  2. I'd repair or replace the injector harness along with dropping the fuel tank and replacing the pump and draining the old gas. Also might wanna give it a full tune up

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  3. yea the tune up is a given, I suck at electrical so been lookin for someone to help me out. as for the fuel pump, I should still be able to hear it activate regardless of the wiring up front, right? cuz I don't hear it and I'm guessing it'll have to be replaced
  4. Check the under dash fuse panel for the fuel pump fuse.

    Also there is a cut off switch in the trunk behind the driver side tail light. if this is switched off it wont allow the full pump to kick on.

    Id' get a fuel filter too.

    You can find an EFI harness on ebay. So you wont need the whole thing. You could also patch and repair where needed.
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  5. ok yea I'll make sure to check all that and hopefully that's it haha... how safe is it to just repair the harness tho?
  6. thanks guys, I'm anxious to get my baby running
  7. If you do it right you will be fine.

    I recommend butt connectors with solder already in the middle, they also have heat shrink on both sides. Then i would place an addition heat shrink tube on top.

    You now have a soldered, double heat wrapped connector.

    These are what im talking about.
  8. so finally got it running after checking all the wiring, repaired the harness and replaced the fuel pump that had stuck. oh the bare wires shorted out the relay as well. now my baby is running like a champ
  9. thanks for the info guys
  10. Glad we can help!
  11. she's finally out!!

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