Carb cleaner + eye = alot of pain

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  1. whats up guys just as the title states keep carb cleaner away from eyes. I was cleaning the IAC from my escort beater out today, and stupidly I sprayed into the IAC while looking right at it. A full stream right into my eye:eek: , let me tell you it felt like my eye was bleeding.

    I flushed it for 10 mins, had my G/F call poison control and they said to go to the hospital imediatly. I have got gas in my eye before but that is nothing in comparison to this. Just a warning to all of you wear safty goggles.
  2. Ouch :jaw:

    Is your eye okay?
  3. my gf would be like "it couldnt hurt much more than sperm in the eye, suck it up princess" gah i love her
  4. Ive had gas splash into my eye, it really hurt/burned. I washed it out with some saliene and the burning went away, the eye was still red and my vision was blurry most of the day tho.
  5. that happend to me earlyer this year and now i cant see out of the conner of my right eye
  6. brake fluid in the eye hurts really bad too
  7. Carb cleaner in the eye hurts like a ****! I cussed and carried on for about 10 minutes when I got it in my eye.
  8. you wussies... I drink carb cleaner... it really helps flush out my system

  9. nah, thats what parts cleaner is for. make sure you get if from one of those parts cleaners that heats up it first though. kinda like hot chocolate
  10. Would you like your MEK shake with lead sprinkles?
  11. no i like my parts cleaner shaken in a martini glass with bearing grease around the lip with brake lathe shavings....mmmm....delicious
  12. My Dad got acid paint stripper in his eye can he run the bathroom fast lol.

    I got Mustard in my eye
  13. regular yellow mustard or dijon?
  14. Maybe the spicy Chinese kind? :shrug:
  15. now that might hurt.....hopefully it wasnt grey poupon, that would be a waste.
  16. you talking bout the gas or the male swim team?
  17. just yellow mustard
  18. Must have been gas,the only way semen is taking out your vision is if you get poked with the stick......
  19. ahh she got baby batter in her eye
  20. i got that insence oil that girls burn on those litte lamps in my eye once...