Carb coverters PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by moonenn3186, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. I am having a hell of a time wiring my EFI pump to work w/o the EEC IV.

    I am trying to tap into the fuel pump relay under the drivers seat.

    Its an 86 and I need to know exactly what to do with what wires.
  2. i converted my 88 to carb and i just ran a seperate pump. i ran a holely blue pump wiht braided line although u can go cheaper and use aluminum then you just have to bend it your self. i duno how well your efi pump would work on a carb setup i hope your planning to you a regulator and tunr the pressure way down but that might affect flow. efi pump run high pressure low volume and carb pump run low pressure high volume.i had a hell of a time as well trying to reuse the stock fuelp pump relay to get power to the holley pump and i could not get it to work. im guessing the computer switches on side of that relay from pwoer to ground becasue i coudl not get it to work right so i bought a relay and wired it in myself and just ran the pump to a switch to turn it on or off. has a great write up on converting over to carb and all the wiring thats where i got my info from i hope i could be some help to you.
  3. with my old 84 i was told to wire my electronic fuel pump to something that turns on when the key turns to the on position.
  4. I have a Holley red I plan on using when I get a sumped tank - however for Temp use i would like to use the eFI PUMP with a return style regulator. I can be done I have seen it used.

    I located the green relay under the seat - I tried using the Carb convert writeup but that did not work at all - he was talking about wires in the engine compartment for the fuel pump relay, which I do not have.

    I grounded the tan/green stripe wire and ran power to the red/blue stripe wire and got nothing.

    Give me some more iedes. I will be using this wiring for the Holley pump as well.
    If ya roll or crash and the fuel line breaks, your pump just keeps on fuelin the fire.
  6. Food for thought: use an oil sending unit to ground the fuel pump relay. Thus no oil pressure, no pump.
  7. For clarification:

    I do not plan on wiring it hot, that is why I want to use the stock wiring and the key switch.

    f My I - how do I ground it to oil pump sending unit?
  8. Just get a separate fuel pump be it mech or elec. and run new lines from the tank up,but if you go electric that pump has to push not pull.
  9. I can not, nor do I want to, use a mechanical pump.

    I have a Holley Red pump and am abreast on how to use it.

    I still need to figure out how to get power to the elec pump in order to hook it up. I would also prefer to use the stock wiring for obvious reasons.

    So please help if you have done this before. . .