Carb help.. (kinda long)

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  1. As some of you may know my engine was shaking really bad and heres what i found out on Thursday.

    Well my spark plugs were wet and were black when we checked them.
    The mechanic said this was a result of the carb being out of tune.
    I left the car at his shop so he could fix the doughnut on the exhaust and adjust the carb.

    When I came back on saturday he said he had adjusted the carb and that it would last for a while but would eventually screw up my plugs and the shaking would return because the carb is basically no good anymore and said either get a new one or rebuild it.

    Anyway, the engine shakes whenever I turn it on then goes away after it is warmed up, until I come to a stop and it shakes a little. Also whenever I go from park to reverse or drive the engine shakes a little but then recovers.
    Basically I am only in a little better shape than before.

    The present carb was rebuilt only a year ago and is already giving me problems. So would you recomend getting a new carb or rebuilding it again?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post... I am really frustrated.
  2. Well first off, if your plugs were black, then they are most likely fouled, and need to be replaced. If the plugs were really bad they might make a shaking noies which i beleive is called a miss. I would also have your motor mounts checked out, if your car/engine is shaking from a stop or whatever I am most sure its the motor mounts.
  3. I live in San Antonio. If you want to stop by my office, I would like to hear and see what its doing. Drop me an email if you like at [email protected]


    my guess is that you have too large a carb for the engine, and if thats the case, you will never get it to run right.
  4. Well I have only had the car for about two years but it was my dads before and he has been running the same holley 2 valve ever since I can remember, without problems, until about 1997 when he stopped using it and it sat until 2001 when I started to drive. We got most of the kinks out(carb rebuild, new water pump, fuel pump,and other stuff) and it had been running great until recently.
  5. Wet plugs is from oil or fuel.
    What your discribing is more of a slight vac leak or internal fuel leak.

    internal leaks can be detected by wet throttle blades or Having to crank it longer on Initial start ups, Having to pump fuel back in the fuel bowl.

    Check for vac leaks first with carb cleaner spray,
    Shoot it around the sides and base of carb and listen for rpm change.

    Holleys are a good Carb, and they work or don't.

    When they don't it's likely the shaft bushings are worn.