Carb'd dohc 4.6

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  1. Has anyone here swapped a carb'd dohc 4.6 into a foxbody. If so what kind of budget do you need for that kind of project and was it worth the trouble.
  2. If you look on and look up neverenuff, he dropped a big bore modular into an ''s sprayed and probably runs either low 11s or high 10s...but, since he didn't take it to a 1/4 track with traps, that's only based on 1/8 track and some guesstimation (and some "pacing" other cars if you catch my drift)...

    I'd have to say he'd think it was more than worth it...budget...I don't know what all he spent but I can give him a shout and let you know...he's deployed right now.
  3. Not counting the powertrain (it was pulled from a previous vehicle), he bought:

    Fox 4.6 PA racing K member
    T56 driveshaft (used)
    wilwood manual brake kit
    kooks headers
    Quickfuel used 800cfm Holley
    Sullivan intake (I think he already owned this)
    MSD ignition system (can't recall the designation on this one, but it's like $700)

    Those are the only things I can recall off the top, there were other things that he did to the car for the swap, but they'd be things you'd do for any 10 second carbed car (like upgraded pumps...this is kinda at your discretion for what you feel will be appropriate). But, I know the car is a blast to ride in and hauls ass...
  4. ...I ran a couple of the prices that I recall, and it was about $2200-that's for everything I listed except the Sullivan intake since he already owned that from a previous TT build.