Carbed 351 Swap Electrical

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  1. I just did a 351w swap in a 4 banger 93. The original starter had a seperate solenoid that was attached above the wheel well (which had a power stud). As im sure you know, the new starter has the solenoid attached to the starter. My question is, where do i feed all my 12v power too for electric fan, msd, etc. Im currently using the old solenoid as a distribution so i can run the car but im going to relocate the battery to the trunk. Is there some kind of electrical source that I can attach all my 12V wiring too? My dodge ram has a stud outside of the fuse panel that i hook my amplifier too. do they make something like that? thanks for the help!
  2. I hope someone responds - I'm sort of going to be in the same situation in a couple weeks or so - when I'm putting my 351w in my 93 4cyl coupe - I'd like to 'pick' your brain - on whole slew of questions - it's like a riddle - with the wiring - I swear - I'm gonna write a "Book" guide to this w/pictures - any ideas on a distrubtor pick?
  3. I went with a summit racing mechanical advance distributor, msd 6a box, and a blaster 2 coil. It seems to work together very well. Stay away from those giant hei distributors, they don't fit on anything taller than a stock intake manifold. I had a lot of trial and error being my first swap so feel free to ask me because I'm almost finished minus the interior.
  4. Thanks - I'll have to PM you with questions - I really like your set up - pretty much the same way I plan to go - but I'm really freaked out about the electrical connections - plus I need to run A/C - I want to get the motor 'running' it's been sitting way to long on the stand - some pic's below - I found a vintage 1971 LTD - w/90k - took the motor out - 351w 2V - bored it over .30 - new pistons - polished crank - 270 magnum comp cam - gear drive (I'll have to get a elect fuel pump ) New E street heads - that my engine builder rebuilt (B/c they were crap) - roller rockers etc - dying to get it running -
    351 windsor build up 023.jpg holidays 005.JPG Mustang - pictures 081709 044.gif Coppolillo_003.JPG
  5. I found this system from summit pnx-combosbfb_w.jpg

    Advance Type Vacuum and mechanical
    Ignition Box Included Yes
    Rev Limiter Yes
    Ignition Coil Included Yes
    Coil Style Canister
    Distributor Included Yes
    Wiring Harness Included Yes
    Ignition Module Type Pertronix Ignitor II
    Spark Plug Wires Included Yes
    Wire Color Black
    Spark Plugs Included No
    Quantity Sold as a kit.
    Notes Includes black distributor cap and ignition wires. This ignition system is designed for carbureted, non-computer controlled applications only.
    What do you think - plus - do I just need a 'hot' wire from the ignition to the box? - let me know thanks
  6. that setup will work just fine. the box works just like you would wire a car amplifer. You hook the power wire to the battery, then the remote wire to a source that turns on when the key is in the on position( i beleive i tapped into the power wire for the wiper motor), ground it to the body, and run other wire to coil.
  7. i have to confirm where i ran the remote wire, ill let you know this weekend. I think i ran the electric choke wire to the wiper motor.
  8. Awesome - Thanks sharp2377 -

    If its ok - I'm going to PM you my phone number - I started this project b/c I always wanted to 'take' a car to the 'shell' and rebuild it ....but that's when I was 18 and broke - now a days - I'm twice that age + some - so I have funds - (the wife is not liking that of course ) - and so I went for it - but now I have soooo much money in the motor alone - ( I was trying to do it on the cheap_ but that didn't work out) - I'm do or die @ this point - I really should of just bought a 'mint' low mileaged coupe or vert - and took it from there - I'm almost spending the same amount I guess when it's all said and done - but at least I'll have (in my mind) the perfect coupe - everything would be simple - except this wiring issue - so I hope you can help me -