Carbinite Pulley Coating

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  1. I've seen a best of 16lbs on my 3" pulley, however I don't always see that and it leads me to suspect that I'm slipping. I was looking into an 8-rib conversion ($$$) and the Thump tensioners ($$) when I came across mad reviews for this coating that eliminates any slip. I called the company and they were very nice/informative. They quoted me $80 to coat my pulley which is FAR less expensive than the 2 other solutions listed above (FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR less lol) which is worth a try

    Is there anyone here that can add any feedback on the results of this coating?

  2. I think you need to pioneer this one and let me know what happens.

    Have you seen any rapid fluctuation in your boost gauge while in boost? That's how I was told to check for belt slippage.
  3. I heard coatings like that will eat belts.
  4. Yeah. The boost needle loves to jump around in the 10-14 range @ WOT

    The way that it was explained to me was that increased grip causes increased friction which causes increased wear. I don't mind replacing the belt once or twice a year if it means no slip.
  5. After you factor the cost of the coating, how many times will you need to replace the belts and at what cost before you are at the cost of a new pulley set up? That would be the deciding factor for me I guess.