Carbon fiber hood is on!pics inside

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  1. woohoo got the hood on 2 days ago. I'm probably gonna have it painted next week.
    I was inspired by exotics such as the ford gt who like to show off there goods...


    Tell me what u think:)

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  2. Can you put the stock scoop on?
  3. I dont like that little window, our motors are not art to the eyes.
    I think you should paint it black, and leave the center cowl CF
  4. yeeeouch, everyone in "the real world" have fallen in love with it. oh well cant win em all:nice:
  5. What if you could smoke the glass? It might look cool if the blower "lurks in the shadows". Know what I'm sayin? I don't mean to totally black it out because then you couldn't see the KB at all.
  6. I'm not the smartest man in the world, but that appears to be a Mach 1 shaker cutout. :D
  7. i have been toying with this idea but i havent decided, the camara flash really brightens things up but actually looking at it in person you can see its fairly dark in there. If i do tint it, i'll go with the lightest tint i can get my hands on. but like i said, without a camara flash its fairly "shadowy" looking.
    and yes it is a mach hood:D
  8. I pray to god a mach 1 shaker is going on that hood
  9. Is there viewing window there?
    thats... different
  10. yes thats a viewing window and no shaker hood is on the way.
  11. Bleh, might as well have a crazy body kit slammed on 20's with neons all over.

    Not my cup of tea, but with a mach shaker it would look alright.
  12. maybe stick some light window tint on there so if you dont like it just peel it off
  13. i dont know guys, i really dig the look. i think its awesome you can see the blower through the hood. looks good pony! i like it a lot! i like the CF look too.
  14. thats cool if you dont like it bud but dont imply that its rice, its something different that i happen to like and if it were rice it would be something that was prettending to be giving me performance and actually not.
    mid engine exotics are by no means ricey by showing there engines, so why should my front engine ponycar be stamped as rice by showing its engine.

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  15. thanks derek,I knew some wouldnt like it and some would. As long as it makes me happy right.:nice:
  16. I think it would be helpful to tint the glass like has been said...
  17. I kinda like it. Looks different, but cool. Like it's been said, if you tinted that window a little that would be even better.
  18. Hey its yours
  19. i nice intake would make it look a lot better!