Carbon fiber hood is on!pics inside

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  1. Issac,

    **** those guys that don't think it looks good. What the hell do they know anyways. I think it looks really badass! Its not something you see everyday and the fact that when you look into that little window to see that Kenne Bell smiling back at you it makes it look real tight. Smart Idea.

    Don't put a Scoop on it.

    I can see how this could lead to problems with theft because people can see what you got under the hood but. I don't think you'll be leaving your car in any bad areas anytime soon.

    Besides i even told you i would steal your car just because it looks so damn awesome. So i wouldn't worry about it.

    Issac that is an awesome idea! I love your car!

    Nick ~shallowreef~
  2. It will definatly get you show points, you did a helluva job installing it. Looks very clean. I wouldnt want it on my car but it looks pretty cool and very different.
  3. I don't hate it, nor do I like it. :shrug: But it is original :nice: or at least the first one I've seen. What about getting a "running Pony" etched onto the view window?
  4. That would be "pimp"... cool idea, but if done wrong it would take the whole thing from cool to not so cool
  5. I say leave it as is. It looks tight!
  6. hey if you want a shaker Ill buy you one if you give me your KB lol:rlaugh:

    Looks diffrent but hey thats what manke OUR cars OURS:nice:
  7. It is definately different, and the KB looks cool but I don't like it. It looks funny to me and it's a mustang not a mid-engine exotic. Not saying it looks ricey just not anything I would do. How does the carbon fiber look on black in daylight?
  8. I like it. I am thinking about a carbon fiber cowl hood. I think it would match the mineral grey really good. If I were you I would think about the shaker. But I love the shakers a lot. Nice touch though and you get points for being original. :nice:
  9. chrome everything visable and put a light tint on it(real light) ANd i like that emblem idea too. It just seems to prototype style right now(which is o.k. for a first attempt)
  10. I like it...
    and I know what you mean by things looking different in the "real world"

    Pictures dont do carbon fiber justice.
  11. all the more reason for people to steal your stuff
  12. I like that pony design on the glass!

    Sweet idea that really looks sharp!
  13. i like it cause its differnent. just make sure now to always have your engine clean and shiney. just a light tint and paint it black and you should have an awsome set-up. but this is also coming from a guy with altezza:D
  14. I love the logo. I wish i could see what that CF hood looks like in the sunlight.
  15. Paint the hood black, leave a small border around the glass unpainted to show that it is CF, and tint the glass.

    Polish as much of the KB as you can, and hold off on the decal till later. You might not like it in the long run.

    Looks neat, too bad it isn't a solid hood, then your options would be to paint or not.

    All in all you have a KB, most of us don't so don't take to heart what we are saying.

    The glass showcases the KB, so at least it isn't totally pointless.

  16. ha thanks man, and thanks to everyone whos being honest even those who dont like it, its cool.
  17. omg that is an awsome idea, any idea where i can get an etching like this done?or where i can buy one?
  18. I've never seen a decal/etching like that before. It may only exist in my imagination and photoshop :) . I think Hence has it right though. Finish and detail your hood and engine bay first and decal later. :nice: