Carbon fiber hood is on!pics inside

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  1. yeah man engine bay is super dusty right now, i will have it clean from now on. kinda sucks but this bastid is gonna be an almost showcar
  2. here are some day time pics
    I couldnt decide if i should paint it or not and some dude from another board suggested i paint it all black except for a mach 1 style stripe down the middle left in carbon fiber. what do u guys think?
    well here are the pics

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  3. I hate to say it but thats really just asking to get your **** stolen even more now....I thought a shaker was going there..that carbon hood looks kinda weird in the sun...I like the wheels though post more pics of the wheels
  4. huhhhhhhhh... tint is plastic. fire loves plastic,not. fire has heat. huh... so does engine... I dont think i would tint the cut-out... heheheheheh... lol
  5. Last one

    From the looks of it, paint the whole hood or leave a border around the view glass. :nice:

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  6. It is starting to grow on me, especially now that I can see there is an etching on the glass...

    Its damn original, of that there is no doubt :nice:
  7. Why not just pop the hood? lol jk I see the look you were trying to go for. Its very unique. I think its cool, but wierd at the same time. Even if I had the cash I prolly wouldn't waste it on that.
  8. I love it man!!! I know I'd definately want to show off a KB if I had one.

    I've always thought about how cool it'd be to get a mach1 hood or something of the sort with a KB (1.7 or 2.2, polished) and have it sticking out.. sorta like a blower on an older muscle car :drool:

    But man, that's sooo awesome! I've NEVER seen anything like it.

    I like how it reminds me of the mid-engine exotics that you can see the "goodies" under the hood. Sorta like the Ferrari F430 I was drooling over in a recent car magazine, showing off the bright red and cf intakes :drool:
  9. I completely appreciate the originality and i think it looks unique and awesome.
  10. yea its different, i like it.:nice:
  11. No offense, but for one, our motor isn't a 5.4 with that big ass blower on top. We also don't have those sick (IMO) blue valve covers to boot. Our engine bay also isn't as "clean" as the GT's is.

    Exotics like the new Lambo Diablo and the Ferrari's have a GORGEOUS engine that is pure eye candy along with having the performance to boot. They are by no means "rice." Anyone who says they are is insane.

    IMO, CF doesn't look "right" on our cars. But hey, it's your car and do what you want with it.

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  12. It's kinda difficult to get CF to look solid and yet retain sky and cloud reflections, and lighting characteristics. If you squint your eyes it looks better :D . Unfortunately I can only do things like that when I have spare time at the office. :(
  13. I like it. It's different. It might look better with the polished KB instead of the black but it still looks great. Its gonna be a pain to keep everything clean under there and definitely watch out for the heat. :nice:
  14. I think it would look good painted black with a strip of CF showing around the window.

    You gotta do the etching though!
  15. I Like it alot.
  16. i think it looks like total crap....but you did ask for our opinions :) maybe i would like it more if it was a different style hood...

    its your car though so really doesn't matter what i think.
    definately will get you some extra points at car shows.
  17. I like it I think looks good. I think it would look awesome if you painted most of the hood black but left some carbon fiber showing maybe in the style of the mach 1 hood stripes. Very Unique.
  18. I am OK with it, as it's your car.

    As mentioned, some things done that would make it look more appealing to my tastes are:

    Paint the hood to match your car (not the window of course).
    Add light tint to the window / go for a smoked effect.
    Definitely do the etching/decal.