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  1. Does anybody know where I can get these lower lips for my mustang?

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  2. Oops, here's the website. He has a lot of really cool things, they just cost a small fortune. I know a guy with the lower scoops you pictured from VA, they did look good on his car. If I ever come into some extra cash and get the saleen fron fascia, I'd love to add these as NO one has them.
  3. OMG that stuff is HAWT. If I had a thousand dollars to blow....omg I would have all those carbon fibre exterior mods. Holy **** that is pimp! Looks really good on a dark colored car too.
  4. Nihilation, Mike with the white AODE S281 from NVMA is the guy I know of with the lower scoops. The guy that runs PF racing is also a big wig with the SVTOA in California, he goes by TIMMS on a few boards. This company has been around for a few years and like you said their stuff iks sweat as hell, but it cost a small fortune. A lot of saleen owners I know have PF racing parts.
  5. dude Canary that is excatly what I am looking for you are ausome!!!!
    that is my next buy for shure!
  6. that would be a sweet contrast on a yellow car!
  7. If you really want to drool check this out! This scoop and that chin would be awesome. Also you can make the scoops functional. Don't drool on the keyboard you'll short it out. :D

  8. I am still trying to figure out the $$ flow for these mods. Paint etc...

    Edwin :p
  9. why would you want 2?
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  11. Learn to work in fiberglass. And you can do most of those things by yourself.
  12. Where did that come from??
  13. i love those functional C-pillar scoops. i have always wanted some. that would be so cool, except my car wouldnt look stock.