Roush carbon fiber mustang parts

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by s281er238, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. does anyone know where i can get carbon fiber mustang parts iam lookin for the outside cowel where the Wipers are in carbon fiber i went to pfracing his website is out of bussiness i wouldnt be suprised so expensive ant ideas SO BASIC its carbon fiber wiper cowel
  2. Tim sold his Cobra Saleen about a year ago and has moved on to "something Italian", thus he grew bored with

    He was THE PLACE to get anything CF.

    CF everything
  4. The only thing I found there was a hood and a trunk door....

  5. Interesting how it seems they copyright protect and watermark their images, but seem to be using an image of my car for one of their products :rolleyes:

    Perhaps I should contact them for some free product :D
  6. i want a CF add on chin spoiler to my Saleen Fascia but no one seems to make them :shrug: Kind of like the Saleen R cars and many track cars. Anyone have any ideas
  7. CF parts

    What a shame. I had this web site in my favorites for years. I also tried to find him. He made some nice parts for my 94 Cobra. Maybe someone else with make Carbon Fiber parts.