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  1. Hey in my quest for race car good looks and weight reduction, ive decided to use as many carbon fiber parts as are available. Where can I find the most cf parts online? I know sparco makes cf pedals (for good looks)
  2. Tiger Racing for fenders. VIS for hoods.
  3. Walmart for lightweight wallets.

    Oh wait,.....Your's will already be lighter after you buy all of that carbon fiber.
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  4. Lol its ok theres no rush its a long term project its worth the money to me
  5. What type of carbon fiber components are you looking for in particular?
  6. As many as are on the market
  7. Well that really narrows it down lol
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  8. Lol I noticed theres more cf for imports than domestics. Also I have some questions heres the link whats the difference between grudge doors and pro stock doors? And how are those outlaw front fascias for a streetable car?
  9. An outlaw style front end will not afford you any air flow across the radiator. You would be relying on the fan alone and good luck! With 1,000,000 ways to remove weight from your mustang why would you focus on just carbon fiber components?
  10. Yea but I could cut a rectangle for the grill on the outlaw right? Or will it shatter? I love the look of visible carbon fiber. For the front fascia I would paint it, my current stock fascia is pretty deformed anyway
  11. The hole in the middle of the outlaw bumpers look really hacked and would defeat the whole design of that part. They are smooth to keep the air flowing at top speeds. If you cut a giant hole in it all that will do is create drag and turbulence. You can get a fox pretty light without carbon fiber good luck getting anything but a lexan window in those doors.
  12. What do u mean good luck putting windows there why not? Also I do plan on putting lexan or polycarbonate windows. What other suggestions do u have for weight reduction? I have a 90 gt
  13. Most of these parts that you are talking about (front clip, doors, etc) are not bright and shiny carbon fiber pieces. They are put in a gel coat and are designed to be painted. Carbon fiber put in a clear resin needs to be perfect when it is laid so that it looks good. These parts are functional carbon fiber parts, not shiny carbon fiber parts like I think you are looking for.
  14. That's the main difference here. The "import" carbon fiber parts you see are usually done for looks. In the Mustang world, CF parts are rare due to the "dislike" of them on a street car. The only CF parts you'll find are for race-cars and designed to be functional, and do not look very appealing at all.

    Secondly, they aren't really for street cars. If you put carbon fiber parts all over your car...and then get hit by a car out on the are gonna get seriously hurt. These race-car components assume that the car is pretty much a strip only car with a cage and other safety equipment.

    CF for street 87-93 Mustangs is rare and pretty much non-existant in terms of eye-appeal.

    It may be cheaper in fact to reduce weight through traditional means such as a K-member, fiberglass hood or Aluminum heads and help achieve 50/50 weight distribution. That would be a more effective weight loss strategy as you'll shave pounds off, and gain HP and total cost might even be cheaper than the cost of CF plus paint
  15. it also needs to be said that if you are building the car as a street driver, aftermarket composites, whether cf or fiberglass typically do not tolerate the stresses of standard duty, day to day street driving. Cracks and breaks will be all over the place at the mount points. Additionally, the lighter you get a fox mustang, the more intolerable it becomes to drive on rough roads. Wanna have a "try it and see" before you put your car on a starvation diet? Go find a buddy w/ an older 3/4-1 ton pu and have him drive you over a bunch of train tracks.

    after you pick your teeth back up off the floor, may think twice.

    save your money and pay a painter to airbrush the entire car in a cf wannabe scheme.

    then you'll have " race car good looks " and no bruised kidneys.
  16. Ultra lightened race car :nice: 'Glass-cf body parts on a street car :notnice:=death wish
  17. It sounds like he is building a racecar if he is talking about using lexan windows...
  18. sounds like some ones actually been playing to much forza if you ask me lol
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  19. Streetable racecar not daily driver