Carbon Fiber

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  1. Schoneck
    motor city

    only ones worth buying

    but be ready to open up the check book and wait for parts.

    fiber glass is a few hundred bucks less and will only be a few lbs heavier per part. a hood for example. around 1100 for carbon 750 for glass. 6lbs for carbon 8 lbs for glass.

    but all the front ends hoods dashes and doors hatches and such will be pin on parts so the car will need to go to a pro to be mounted and fastened on along with making the correct support tree's and such
  2. Not worth it, save the weight somewhere else.
  3. Yeah I would hydro dip anything and you can do whatever color you want carbon fiber too
  4. I wouldn't drive a car with glass doors on the street ever! Glass hood and maybe a hatch...sure. These cars aren't good in accidents even with steel body parts. I've seen what happens when glass front ends hit the side walls at the track. I surely wouldn't want someone smacking me on the street. Especially in the door area right were I sit. Again if it's ONLY a race what you want. My ex used to be an EMT and I've heard all the horror stories. She even talked me out of my first stang after a call involving one(we just had our first child).Driver lost both his legs after getting t boned. Just sayin'