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  1. I have an 84 gt....needs carb,I plan on long tubes, 2.5 invto flowmasters/3 inch out, cam and highrise or similar, my question is what carb will work best on both set UPS....stock/modified?? I was thinking 650?? Holly demon?
  2. hello;

    thats a good option but they come jetted extremely rich. for stock you might try 67 front and 70 rear.

    2 1/2 is big enough
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  3. That's what she said.
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  4. You mean that's what you told her right?;) OP if you're leaving stock heads on you could run a 600 or jet down a 650. If good heads are also in the plans I'd definetly go with a 650.
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  5. k another quick sat seven years....i took carb off soaked it in gas for couple days in gas.....changed plugs wires,plugs. re timed....runs good untill you drive..doesnt backfire but hesitates,like fuel pump???? Or dead cylinder haven't checked compression but got fuel in gas?? Wanna drive for a bit before snow flys
  6. Check the fuel filter? It might be something simple. I'd start there. Also you say it sat for years so I hope you dumped the old fuel and put in some new? I'd also probably replace the lines,spray the crap out of the carb with some good carb cleaner. Then double check the ignition system. Compression check would be a good thing also. It sounds like it is probably bad/dirty filter/etc fuel.
  7. seems like it runs rich.....untill I load it...keep u posted
  8. I'll check fuel put 10 l of 91 in it too 2 liters out of tank for sample...semms good,drains float bowls??
  9. A bog, or flat spot on a Holley is almost always due to improper acc pump adjustment, incorrectly sized squirters, or something's worn or blocked in the enrichment circuit. The acc pump has a spring that can be made longer by loosening the nut. The objective is that when the throttle blade moves to let air in, there is a shot of gas there to compensate for that. The proper adjustment will have gas squirting out of the nozzles as soon as you move the throttle.
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  11. carb is stock motorcraft
  12. you're screwed.

    burn it now before it catches on fire in its own.
  13. Funny, Mike! Some of the Motorcraft carbs were Holley or Holley copies, just like quick fuel and Demon are the same basic carbs with marketing doodads and the optional trick kits installed. Rebuilding a carb after taking it apart and giving it a good cleaning it a very good idea if it has been parked this long and not prepped at all. If it is a Holley style, it is easier to me than
  14. update.
    triple checked ignition timing,
    drained the gas I could get out
    tomorrow replace fuel filter and pump, haven't checked compression but cooling system pressures up properly,oil pressure is pretty good as well?
  15. look at the gas color coming out of the fuel pump. if its yellow its contaminated with old dried up gas. this can kill your engine.

    put new accelerator pump diaphragms and a new 6.5 power valve in it. they made be dried up which affects their performance.
  16. A new Power Valve will be in the rebuild kit, and is a good idea. By itself it is just is not as complete of a job as it should get.​