Carfax Anyone?

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  1. If someone with an unlimited account could run a carfax on this VIN I would be very grateful:

    Thanks :nice:
  2. If you can't get any help you can do something you aren't supposed to do (lol) by going onto Ebay and making a fake account and posting an ad to "sell" the car. You have to put in the VIN number and make a legit ad, but make the price really really high so no one tries to bid during this process. Once you have made the ad it will show you a vehicle history report which is similar to Carfax. Once you get it, take screen shots if you want then delete the ad.
  3. I forgot all about being able to get freebies from Ebay. I would not advise doing that too many times. You can get charged (unlikely but possible) for making false ads.
  4. Wow boys wonderful info. Not sure if I have the cahonies to try it but maybe I still have a lil outlaw left in me.
  5. I've done it a few times. My accounts get banned but never been charged. Also it wants to send an activation code to your cell phone. This is when you download one of those apps to your phone that gives you another number.