Carlisle 2008 pictures

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  1. Its late and Im tired so you guys will have to sufice with one pic for this evening.
    I will get some more up as the week progresses.

  2. badass rich, I can't wait to see the rest.

    I think my quest to get great pics of my car is over, lol....from the previews you showed me on your camera, they're all gonna be awesome :nice:
  3. HOLY S***

    Like I said at the show guys. We will need to send each other cds of the pics, because we took alot of good ones. I will try to get some of mine up tomorrow.

  4. Dan..... here is one for ya, hope this will hold ya over for a bit as I still have to go through all the pics. I did get some really sweet shots of our cars in the lot that night, just would like to put a few through photoshop and touch them up a bit but this one turned out pretty sweet right out of the camera. Dont worry there will be many more to come.

    Again I just want to congradulate ya for the 1st place cobra win, you deserve it.:nice:

  5. nice pics rich, hey sorryi didn't get to say good bye to you guys i really couldn't take the heat any more.
  6. i just went through all mine. going to pick some out later today
  7. Nice pics Rich! I took over 400 myself, as I started to go through them my camera battery finally died, so I have to wait until it is fully charged. I'll gt some up later.
  8. id like to put in my order for having my car photographed during FFW, NH!


    those pics r awesome!
  9. 320659834.jpg

    Is it time to post up the group stuff yet?
  10. That pic is awesome! I never noticed how much camber I have goin on with that driver's front wheel till now lol
  11. I love nice stang pics like these!!!
  12. Okay, here are some of my pics. First I would like to say it was again and awesome time. Nice to meet up and hang out with everyone.

    Some of our very own Stangnetters also brought home some well deserved HARDWARE. Dan bought home 1st in his class. Rich took 2nd in his class and Troy also won a 3rd in his class. Congrats again guys!

    Here are the pics.

    Rich and I getting cleaned up on Friday before the show. We left at 5:00am friday and got caught in a down poor. Needless to say we needed some clean up time once we got to the hotel. Thanks for the car wash supplies Rich!

    A mini shoot at the hotel Saturday night.

    The money shot!

    Show pics

    Hey Dan, looks like you did get caught being a smartass on camera, lol.
  13. Hey that's my blue '91 vert down at the end of the row. I didn't know I had that many stangnetters near me:D. Great lookng cars guys.
  14. actually i got a better one....
  15. LOL, thats great!
  16. lol nice pics!! sick cars too!

    also congrats to rich, just seen your car in the showcase of this months 5.0 mustang mag. :cheers:

  17. Troy, it was a pleasure to hang out and bs this weekend. I definately hear ya on the heat. I was getting a little cranky myself towards the end of the day and just wanted to hit the road.

    Jimmy your in but it is gonna coast ya. lol

    Thanks urban just found out myself over the weekend.

    Another from sat evenings soot.

  18. hey, im down to take some pics with u fellas as long as im worthy enuf! LOL

    ...toms front splitter is only mowin the grass...