Carlisle 2008 pictures

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  1. Everyone's car looks great! Good job. I'll have to drive out next year. It was too hot this past weekend

  2. Glad ya made it bosko and the new sig is funny.

    Not a problem!

    Ryan your pics came out good. I was also thinking about that rad cover and Im bankin that it was custom fabbed.
  3. BTW Paul I love the door lock pic of ryans car and I also thought this one came out good too.

  4. Rich, Your car sounds AWESOME...

  5. Thanks Chris.
  6. yeah i think its a custom piece too but you never know...
  7. Believe it or not, its a Mac Performance piece. I had one and for the life of me couldn't get it to fit...I eventually went with a UPR. If someone could get one to fit, I'd take one in a heartbeat. Do a search for Mac Radiator covers and you'll find them.
  8. It was only a 2000 mile drive. I think the worse part was getting sunburned while driving. lol

    Next year i'll have to stay at a hotel closer to you guys.

    And that GR1 is too shiny I would hate to drive aroung it.

    I also have tons of new ideas for my car.
  9. Cars look great guys and nice job on the pics!
    Let me apoligize for my idiot friend that was with me to everybody that he annoyed (probably everybody there). I'm very sorry for the way he acted.:(
    Nice meeting some of you guys for the first time, sorry I wasn't quite myself as the heat really got to me. Maybe next year i'll actually bring my car!:shrug:
  10. This young one will be there next year... if i can get this damn car on the road... im hoping for November... LOL
  11. thats AFTER the reimbursement correct? LOL :rlaugh:
  12. Wow guys! It looks like that was a fun show. I would love to have gone but I have the engine out of my car getting ready to install my new one and am spending all my money on that right now. My car is nowhere near show worthy but maybe after I get all the mechanical issues taken care of I can start working on detailing everything.

    All the pics looked great I think you guys cars look top notch!!
  13. I think I now have the best pics of my car to date!

    It sucks I had my car in the winner's circle thing and missed out on the group pics, but at least I got in on the photoshoot.

    I figured someone would catch me thug posin' it up during that, lol.

    And Rob, it's cool, lol. I've been in your shoes before in that situation, the dude was waaay too drunk, it happens. You couldn't really do much about him at that point, it's not like you could lock him in the car :D

  14. I would have loved to lock him in the car, preferably in the trunk!:rlaugh:
    Congrats on the win!!!:nice::nice::nice:
  15. Very Nice Guyz...Im jealous!!!

    I dont know how Clark's Car doesnt scrape every pebble in the roadi :shrug:
  16. I was hoping there would be more people there but maybe next year.
  17. the plan for next year is to get 25 stangnetters there so we get a tent. we had a hard time shooting 7 cars, i can't imagine 25 hopefully next year.
  18. call me stupid, but where is carlisle?