Carlisle 2008 pictures

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  1. hmmm... abotu a 7 hr drive from where i live... maybe next year i can come through!
  2. It's 10 or more hrs for me or I would be there it looks like a fun event.
  3. well what do we got to lose? Bosko made the trip from Florida.... LOL thats atleast a 20-24 hr drive...

  4. Rob... it was great meeting you and like Dan said no need to apoligize for your buddy, it happens. 100* heat and a few drinks is enough to put anybody over the edge. lol
  5. Actually bosko made it up there in 15hrs. so i'm sure you guys could make it.

    I wonder if we should start a thread now to see what kind of reactions we get for next year. the earlier we call a hotel, the better the rates would be.

    Paul, you said its always the first week in June?
  6. neither was myne :D you should have seen all the dirt/bugs on my car on Sat but I cleaned it up with some showtime spray on Sun

    Still waiting :(:nonono::rlaugh: I spent somewhere around $360 on gas.:( but for a good cause :D

    I hope we can get that many the tent would really be useful!!!:D
    we might have to team up with the other stangnetters:nice:

    Im sure Robert will make the trip when he gets his car done.:D lol
  7. :rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol::rlaugh::lol:

    That's a day and a 1/2 drive for me...NO WAY JOSE!!

    It sx being here in the "corner" of the country!!

  8. Thats close to montana, right????
  9. Id like to come, but my car is hardly show worthy! Maybe there is a nearly stock, few dents and scratches class?! It isnt too darn far from Iowa is it, maybe 10-15 hours?
  10. I come every year but I don't enter my car in the show. It needs some new wheels and a paint job. I do race it friday night for the all ford races though.

    The 1/8 mile strip is about 10 minutes from Carlisle, had about 70 fords there this year. It was the first time I had my car out in a few years and I ran a new best of 8.46 at 84.51mph with a 1.999 60 ft on Nitto 555R's.

    Carlisle is my home town. I am very lucky in that aspect, we have large car shows every 2-3 weeks thru the summer. Chevy show is next weekend then Chrysler 2 weeks after that.

    I have been away from here(and my car) for awhile, lost interest. But I got the itch again after racing and seeing all your very nice cars.
  11. I was just checkin out cardomains pictures and saw this one:
    notice anyone in the background?
  12. Here is my $0.02:

    Im not saying that I would not LOVE one of these cars, but There is something to be said about a car over 10 years old that has been modified to look BRAND NEW and VERY UNIQUE. It's REALLY easy to just go out and buy a new car, throw some cosmetics at it, and put it in a show. Even though our cars started out almost identical, HOW DIFFERENT are all our cars from each other? WHen I go to a show and see the new cars, I say "NICE" and go on. WHen I see one like ours or a Fox Body, I stand there and Scrutinize evey nut and bolt in the Engine.

    GREAT JOB TO ALL OF YOU FROM SN-95 THAT WENT!! :hail2::nice:
  14. RC, your exactly right. The red super snake right next to that one was driven by a real lamo. All he talked about was how awesome his exhaust on the car was. He must have started that damn thing 20 times and revved the crap out of it. Troy's car/tent was right next to it, and it was getting really annoying.

    He was even wearing matching clothes. red shelby hat, red shelby shirt, black shorts, and red shelby shoes....queer. Troy asked him if he got those mufflers at Midas...good times.

  15. Thats pretty much how I see it also. Any jack off can go buy a new shelby or what have you, but if your bringing it to a show it better have something done besides a few chrome covers, spectra hose kits and stickers. You better show me some kind of modifications besides that.

    When I look at cars, I look to see what has been done out of the ordinary and how well was it done. I see some sad attempts at smoothed out engine bays were the bondo is all over the place and not even sanded. Looks like @$$ IMO. and would have been bettter off leaving the holes.
    I have also seen some cars that have been very well put together and well thought out. From front to back everything flows and was done nicely.
    Tom and I always say its all in the detail!:nice:
  16. Might as well add a few more pics.

  17. As long as Ive been a member here and have owned my car, I am still WAY behind in the knowledge dept..but I am still learning. I have spent almost 2 weeks just on the front half of my engine bay with the modling and sanding. HOPEFULLY (sigh) it will be painted tomorrow. Look for the pics in the talk section. For now Good Job again, and Im still waiting to hear how Clark drives that car without hitting a pebble on the road?? :shrug::rlaugh:
  18. I can't beleive I have to wait a whole year until Carlisle again. Its by far the best show of the year and its already over.

    RC- I don't know, I just drive careful and watch where I go. As you can see, the bumper is still in one peice, lol. The key is pulling into places that are pretty level and pulling in a crazy angle if there is a bit of a dip. If there is too much of a dip/curb, then I just don't pull in. Can be pain in the ass, but for the most part I get where I need to go with out much problem.

  19. It was also nice meeting you and your car is just as sick in person as it is in pics!:nice: