Carroll Shelby Mustang Tribute Show @ Volo

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  1. original.jpg original.jpg The Carroll Shelby Tribute Mustang Show at Volo: This is how it's going down. I have 33 participant vote classes, 1st,2nd,3rd in each. And of course a Best of Show. But that's NOT the good part. Remember this "Like Me" thing I have been pushin for the last three month's on Facebook? ? Well it's coming down to the Grand GiveAway at the show! I got my show sponsor's to shell out some big stuff. Check it out! A brand new set of Magnum 500 wheel's from Kentucky Mustang, $500.00 worth of fine upholstery from the great folk's at Distinctive Industrie's. There's more! 4 set's of shop manual's from California Mustang, 10 Magazine subscription's to both Fox & Mustang magazine's. Even the great people over at USAWELD are giving up $$250.00 worth of welding supplie's,and fender cover's from NPD. Of course Padre the horse is back this year for picture's and kid's of all age's. Gate's open at 8:30, show begin's at 9 am. with registration until noon. Vote and place your ballot's until 1:30. At 2pm we will stop the show to honor the man himself (Carroll Shelby) and having everyone starting their engine's. 3:15 the trophy ceremony will begin. Rain day is the following day the 3rd. I will be taping my show (Operation Mustang's & More) at this event,so there is a good chance your car will be all over the internet. If you dont want your car to be seen by possibly million's of people then just come out for the fun of the show itself. Question's? just call, I'm alway's in :) Let's make this a big one in honor of a great guy!