Cars running again, turbo kit finished (Pics)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OinkAodeOink, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Car runs now, and actually idles much smoother then it did before the turbo.
    Probably atributed to the new MAF, TPS, IAC, and wires/plugs..

    Does run pretty rich at idle, and backfires on the downrevs, but other then that, its running and should make nice power. Cant drive it right now, because im bleading the brakes, but on the downrevs i can hear the turbo winding down (awsome sound)... im so stoked to drive it, since its been sitting for 2 months now! turbo kit took about 6 weeks, working on and off.

    Specs are:
    Edelbrock heads, E cam, Edel RPM intake, FMS 1.6 RR's, ARP
    FMS 65 t/b, 3.5" Univer MAF, FMS 42's
    66mm turbo, 3.5" downpipe, 2.5" crossover, BBK shorty headers, V band's
    Stock tranny (with shift kit, and cooler), and 373's in the rear
    Slicks, Skinnies, Coil overs, tubular K member/arms, Lakewood 90/10's.






  2. Why didn't you have it all together when I visited you? Man that looks awesome. The coil overs look great too. I'
  3. Coming along nicely dude.

  4. damn thats a sick setup... i cant wait to get some money together and start addin some boost.... what are you gonna do with those lt's in the background on your wall?
  5. Holy chit man that looks nice. Can't wait to hear what that thing sounds like and possibly go for a ride. That things going to be a rocket
  6. Oink, could you hop on AIM or clear out your PMs? I sent you a PM a long time ago that we never got sorted out ;)
  7. Looks great man! Everything you do it always perfect, you must be quite the perfectionist. Good job oink :nice:

    I see you painted the headers black, were they chrome before?
  8. OMFG that is sooooooooooooooooooo tiiiiiight man. how much did that run ya? what size engine?
  9. Looks really good man, nice job on the intall and all. Are you gonna have to butcher the bumper much to get that big "Radiator" to fit?
  10. i want a turbo. Oh well, nice setup btw, so get some videos up.
  11. Well i drove it last night and must say the car scared the hell out of me. Maybe because ive gotten so used to driving a stock 4.6, who knows but i do know it feels stronger then it did with the 14lb s-trim setup. And damn it whistles loud when it spools up... sure made all the time spent on it, worth it. Im really glad it all went together, runs and actually makes power, damn good power, for not being fine tuning yet.

    it was a nice learning experience, since ive never done anything like this before.
    But for the trouble, and expensence, if you want a nice kit, just buy one..
    im sure theres $2k or so in this setup... its all the little stuff that adds up.

    As far as the bumper support goes... its gone. I have a huge as* PS intercooler in there, so there wasnt room for a bumper support.
    The plastic bumper, well that fits perfect.. theres a couple feet of extra space between it and the intercooler/tranny cooler.
  12. get that thing tuned and get it to the track....she is gonna FLY!!!!

  13. That is very impresive.

    Actually, how did you get all the wires hidden? I know you posted some pics/directions for someone else a while ago. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, I think you mentioned that the voretech can be put together in pieces off the car, then installed in bigger segments. Pics of that would be helpful too.

  14. Very impressive oink. Turned out great. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  15. WoW!! Impressive man.
  16. Thats the dopest thing i have ever seen. Can we get a video or something, i want to hear that beast whistle.
  17. :D All you need now is license to go Vette hunting!
  18. drove it agian today, man it hits hard right under 3k rpms... then its on from there.
    Im only making 6lbs, because of 2 exhuast leaks, but damn i can only imgine what its going to be like when i crank it up. its a monster at 6lbs... feels like an easy low-mid 12 second car on only 6lbs, without traction. makes my 13.30 @109 runs seem like honda power.
  19. rub it in why don't you... :mad:

    J/K :rlaugh:

    Did you buy a kit, or did you fabricate the whole setup?