Cars running again, turbo kit finished (Pics)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OinkAodeOink, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. oink, clear your pms.
  2. [​IMG]

    And you kept the "show" part of the car pretty much in tact too! :nice:
  3. i dont think he "painted" his headers, i think that is jet hot coating hehehe... nice work oink. we're going to have to meet our ladies and duke it out pretty soon ;)
  4. oink i just noticed you have no lines on your master cylinder... wtf are you doing driving without brakes man!! lol
  5. You mofos are gonna make me go turbo!
  6. Man this is impressive :nice:
    Now I and we wanna see dyno sheet :D
  7. Ive got brakes man.. im not that nuts! The proportioning valve is in the inner fender. Had to re route all the lines to the inner fender, under the k member to the other side, since I did away with the ABS.

    I fabricated everything you see from scratch, besides the actual header primaries and flange (which bbk made for me, ahah)

    The hot side piping is just painted, with black header paint.. i am having troubles with it blistering on the turbo header, but nothing major. I will get the pipes Jet hot coated as soon as all the little bugs are worked out.

    The show part, hasnt even started.. i only made it semi nice, just to get it all back together agian. It'll all come back apart to be done really nice.

    Hope i didnt blow another HG today.. noticed some water in the downpipe, and its running hot. Damn, and only at 6lbs.. Il have to farther inspect, hopefully nothings wrong.
  8. what the heck, heres some old pics of the progress... im sure you guys seen them already though.



  9. oink I like that painted headers , :( , I bought my used MAC LTs from ebay, have 1 year /8k miles , I put 3 coat of high temp black paint , second day paint came off :bang: :bang: :bang:
  10. oink , do you have that pieace of plastic name is sheild , you know inside of front fenders for sale , my for some reason is gone , if you have PM me
  11. Dont worry Chris, you still got me beat, and Javi wont have that thing running for another year. (broke) :rlaugh:

  12. 1 month my friend, one more month :-D ahaha
  13. Mike, is there any way possible to use that same setup on my car? I know you said it cant be used with the A/C still on the car but is there a way around that? I'm running out of things to do to my car and a blower is about all thats left to produce good power gains :D
  14. You just installed heads and a cam and your already looking for more power... :p

  15. you should always be lookin for more power.
  16. Oink Any videos yet ????
  17. Good stuff!

    Welcome aboard, to the turbo family!

    Now I just need to drop in the nice and new 327 waitin in the other room for some more power(its a Sportsman 327 stroker configuration).

    Wish you nothing but luck!

    I am really happy for you!