Engine Carter Fuel Pump

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  1. Does anybody know if a Carter 4899S fuel pump is for a Ford?
  2. Got a photo?
  3. dont know the part # is it the one with the fuel filter canister under it?
  4. It is a button top with no canister.Looks just like a 4194S which is what I need. It looks like a 69 date code and the arm is marked 177-221 which I believe is an FE arm but not sure.thanks
  5. So far, the closest thing I have turned up is a 4898S.
  6. Ok I put my glasses on and it does look like a 4898S with a date code of 9KOA. Will it fit an FE?thanks
  7. The book shows the 4898S as being installed not on FE engines, but on 385 series 429 engines from 1970-1972.

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  8. Ok thanks very much for the info.