CA's rolling smog exemption for 30 yr-old cars is no more...

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  1. I had hope for Ahnold, not alot, but still heaps more than Davis. Anyway, he went and signed a bill that would stop the rolling smog exemption for cars built 30 or more years ago. Now it stops at 1976. It really baffles me because if you go to any of the areas in this state with bad air, even the less aflluent ones, 99% of cars on the road are less than 20 years old. The majority I would guess less than 10 years.

    This is just another another straw. When they break the camel's back, I am soo out of this state. In the mean time I'm looking for an early-mid '70s Dodge Ram Charger or Power Ram I can put a Cummins in. It'll have straight exhaust and 'll drive it like I stole it, making lots of nice black smoke.
  2. He's reaching everywhere for revenue. Really sucks as I wanted to build up an older Stang and that was one of my big motivations.

  3. sometimes i hate this state
  4. No kidding. Some things are just getting too much out of control. I had hopes of rebuilding an old stang here in the next few years, and yes one of the main reasons was not having to worry about smog. That is a bummer :(


    and finally :notnice:
  5. um you guys can still build older stangs....

    The smog exemption is still in effect for vehicles that were exempt before. though who knows how long that will last :rolleyes:
  6. I like how Cali is making it so that the penalty for being caught without cats ($2500 per cat to a nice max of $10000 if an offroad mid pipe is used) are stiffer than if you get caught with less than an ounce of weed...after they take away our sound, what's next?...our signature blondes wearing the super low cut jeans? :D
  7. no... they can never take that from us... :D
  8. NEVER!!!!!!!!!.............. :drool: :drool: :worship: :worship:
  9. ARNOLD!
    What a "girly man" thing to do!
    I guess Jay Leno made several attempts to get through to the guy also.
    Short sighted misinformed politician type action.
    Most older cars that are on the road are so well maintained (even those with performance mods) that they do not polute anyway.
    Give me the California of the 60's! uncrowded surf and highway's, we still had some open space and we had big loud fast cars, No fart cannons or smog police, Disnyland was a magical place and Michael Jackson was still black.
  10. But the B.A.R., C.A.R.B., EPA and emissions testing lobby wants you to believe that the air is cleaner now than it was even back in the '50s. Isnt that pretty believeable? :rolleyes:. There are about 4 million more cars on the road in this state and the air got cleaner? Thats why you cant see across LA, right? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    I'm shopping for a Dodge/Cummins as I speak. One thing that came to mind, though, non-commercial diesels dont need to be smogged, do they? I know they have exhaust catalysts.