Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland

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  1. Great turnout last Saturday as we had over 75 cars show up in the cold! The weather is supposed to be dry again this Saturday so looking forward to seeing everyone out there!
  2. Good news everyone! This Saturday's forecast calls for dry weather and warmer than last week!
  3. Lots of cool cars showing up...
  4. Looks like we are going to have good weather on Saturday with partly sunny skies and highs around 50. None of that east wind or freezing fog either!
  5. Looks like the weather this Saturday will be nice with a high of 60 degrees, so roll on out to see some nice cars and meet some cool car people! As always the event runs every Saturday from 8-11am at Cascade Station by Famous Dave's BBQ, near Best Buy and Starbucks.
  6. Going to have top/windows down weather at Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland this Saturday, with sunshine and mid 70's temps! Can't beat that for the end of March!
  7. Looks like the good weather will continue into Saturday. Can't complain about the spring weather for Oregon so far!
  8. Weather should be back into the 70's this Saturday, so come on out to Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland, bring a friend, meet some new people and see some cool cars!
  9. This week's gorgeous autumn weather is going to continue through Saturday, so come on out to Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland, show off your ride, and have a good time!